silver framed eyeglasses on white table

The chicest blue-light-blocking glasses

silver framed eyeglasses on white table

It is safe to assume that most people have a similar day: Get up in the morning, check our smartphones, make coffee, then check our phones again. What happens in the evening? As a reward for completing work during the day, we can scroll through our phones. You may notice dry, red eyes after a long day. The blue light from computers and phones can cause vision blurriness, dryness and even cataracts.

Although it sounds scary, you can protect your eyes from the short wavelength light. It is best to avoid technology completely (blue light can also be produced by LED and fluorescent lights). We tried it once before, and we couldn’t scroll through everything — books, subway maps or clothing racks. It took us 12 hours. It’s clear that this is not feasible for us all. Even though it sounds like a terrible idea, sometimes living in a remote cabin in the wilderness isn’t bad.

What does blue-light-blocking glasses actually do?

Let’s get back to the truth: Blue light glasses offer a more convenient and effective way to protect your eyes from harmful screens. The lenses of these glasses are coated with a special coating that blocks the light from reaching your eyes. This can prevent eye damage and help you sleep better. Blue light can disrupt your circadian rhythm, which can lead to poor sleep.

Are blue light glasses actually effective?

According to the Cleveland Clinic blue light glasses will not solve all your eye problems. These lenses can block blue light but they cannot prevent screen fatigue. This is due to your eyes being focused on one small screen for long periods of time. If you are experiencing persistent eye problems, take breaks from scrolling or working and visit an eye doctor.

However, blue light glasses can be a great investment

Here are some options for you if you are interested in getting your own pair. You can either get your prescription (for readers), or you can get one without a prescription. 

The Best Blue-Light Blocking Glasses


We can’t live without our Caddis glasses. Most of the brand’s designs are available with blue light lenses. Because it is bold and not too flashy, the Miklos is Katie’s favorite style. Although the Miklos’ thick frame complements most faces, you can tone it down or amp up your style with the many colors available.

Warby Parker York

These aviator glasses would be a great choice for Tom Cruise. A classic wire frame is timeless and you can’t go wrong. These aren’t a solid color but instead they are half black and half golden, which is a great twist.

EyeBuyDirect Prism

These are the glasses Katie P., commerce editor, has worn for the past few years. The classic tortoiseshell frame is her favorite, as it accommodates her quirky lenses. She says, “I am near-sighted in one eye but far-sighted the other,” so my lenses have different thicknesses. These lenses are not noticeably different in size, unlike metal frames.

Caddis Mabuhay

We know Katie is a fan of this classic shape. You’ve probably seen Katie wearing them on Instagram. They make her feel like Gloria Steinem, she says. They don’t feel heavy and she claims they are gentle behind the ears.

Zenni Rectangle Glasses

These glasses will enhance your coastal grandma chic style. These glasses are inspired by the sea and will make any eye pop with their seafoam and teal colors. You want to elevate your accessory game? These glasses chains are fun and fashionable.

Genusee Eight Ten

You can’t choose a color for your glasses. You can do half and half. Genusee frames have a clear front with black arms and are made of recycled water bottles. What’s the best part? A portion of every purchase is donated to Flint, Michigan community businesses and organizations.

J. Crew Cape

The J. Crew are super affordable at less than $50 and the square-shaped frame shape is universally flattering. They have clear frames if you want something more neutral.

Felix Gray Kepler

Do you remember the cool English teacher in high school that wore trendy glasses all the time? These would have been their frames. This browline style is a mix of wire and plastic. It will enhance your brows and open up the area below your eyes.

Quay Blueprint

This black frame is perfect for minimalists. This simple shape will look great on almost any face shape. There is no hardware to match accessories, so it won’t be a problem matching your accessories with a particular color. They are also feather-light so you won’t have to push them up all day.

Kate Spade Misa

Round glasses are adorable, especially when they have hidden details. The Kate Spade glasses feature a pink plaid interior, which is what people will notice when they are worn. However, the black exterior keeps it classic.

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