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Surprising Things Guys Find Unattractive

woman wearing black t-shirt beside standing woman wearing black cap

Although you might think you are doing all you can to attract the opposite type of sex, you might be surprised to find out that certain actions and behaviors can have the opposite effect. You may not realize it, but you could be driving men away by your actions and behaviors. All you really want to do is attract them towards you. We have done some research to help you take control and attract the right men.

  • Men might be turned off by too much makeup

Although you may believe that putting on makeup makes you more attractive, it might surprise you to know that men don’t like to see you wearing too much. A study published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology found that women overestimate how much makeup men like, which leads to women applying too much. You may think that you are drawing men to you by wearing a lot of makeup, but in fact, it can actually make them more cautious. It’s time for you to accept that makeup can be a deterrent to attraction. Many guys find too much makeup unattractive.

  • Extreme makeovers can make you look less attractive

A guy who likes you for the right reasons won’t want you to undergo a drastic makeover. He already knew you when you first met and won’t ask you to change to win his favor. Listen to Billy Joel when he advises, “Don’t change, to please me. You are loved just as you are.”

Joann Cohen, a matchmaker and dating coach, explains that men value confidence in women. If you are obsessed with your imperfections, it is likely that they will not find you attractive. Talking about plastic surgery and trying to lose weight by changing your diet or cycling through different styles can make you appear insecure. Be you! You could look unattractive to men if you try to change your appearance.

  • Unattractive to be a gossip

Although it may seem like a fun thing to share gossip, scandals and stories about your coworkers, friends, family and colleagues with a guy you might be surprised to find out that this can lead to a significant turnoff. Although your intention may be to keep the lines of communication open with him and keep him informed, it can actually make you look low on self-esteem by giving details about other people’s bad deeds. Many people who have low self-esteem rely on gossip to improve their lives. They will talk about the failures and scandalous behavior of others to get a lift.

You should remember that men are attracted to confident women who are self-confident, who value themselves and who don’t look down on others in order to be better. Instead of blaming your friend for all the dirty laundry you have, clean it up. It’s unattractive for most men.

  • Men can think that you are unattractive if you have no life

Sometimes you just need some alone time, even if your relationship is supportive and happy. While this may be true for different people, it is a common occurrence among men. They need to have some time to themselves from time to time. It is not a sign of how he feels about your partner that he wants time apart.

While we all like to feel loved, it can become exhausting when our partner is too demanding. If you insist on having your man by your side all the time and don’t have any other way to entertain yourself, a guy may find it difficult to be attracted.

Sean Horan, relationship expert and PhD, explains “I like to think it this way: I love cake, but I can’t eat it 24/7 …. As humans there’s a tug between autonomy and bonding with other people.” What is the solution? You can plan regular outings with your friends, go to a gym, or binge-watch the show you love while he does his thing. Enjoy the time together, then chill out and share your stories!

  • Some people find being too confident to be less attractive

Although men love women with high self-esteem, it is important to recognize that confidence can lead to being too confident. While you should believe in yourself and be proud of what you’ve accomplished, it is important to remember that being too confident can make you feel conceited. Research has shown that boasting about oneself can lead to negative reactions from others.

While you might think your self-proclaimed greatness attracts men, having an ego and acting like someone who is obsessed with yourself are huge mistakes. Instead, choose humility and trust in your abilities. The right man will not need you to continually reinforce how awesome you are. He’ll see it all on his own.

  • Having no purpose or ambition seems unattractive

While you don’t need to know everything about your life, men don’t want someone with no sense of direction or purpose. If someone isn’t able to articulate how lost they feel, it’s not attractive. It can also make you appear unstable if you don’t know what your life is about.

A man may enjoy being needed occasionally, but he doesn’t want to feel that he has to save you. This is especially true if he sees you quitting your job and changing schools. If he has a clear vision of his future, this might be especially true. If you don’t know where you are going with your life, it will be difficult to imagine you being by his side.

  • It’s not a good idea to badmouth your ex

Although you may believe that badmouthing an ex is a smart decision, this type of negative behavior can actually make you look worse. Although your intention may be to show your man how much you love your ex and to let him know that you aren’t worried about his ability to live up to men like you did, criticizing your ex is not a good idea. Your need to criticize your ex can make you seem snarky and juvenile. However, your constant fixation on your ex can also make it appear that you still have feelings for him.

Bad-mouthing an ex can also show potential love interests that he is not the only one who will be subject to your hateful remarks. Instead of blaming your ex or venting about his wrongdoings, let the past go so that you can attract Mr.

  • A Negative Nelly is a very unattractive person

Every day brings us through a variety of emotions. It’s normal. While we must be honest in our reactions to situations, it is important to make an effort to keep a positive outlook. It is not only healthy for our mental health, but can also affect our relationships.

According to one study, men find women less attractive if they have negative personalities. It’s true, even though a woman may look good, her attitude can make a big difference. This is a huge deal.

If you want to look your best, don’t worry about makeup and clothes.

  • Nobody likes to see girls being catty with other girls

If you ever feel marginalized, it is important to speak up and defend yourself. It can be very unattractive to become addicted to drama or go out of your ways to be mean to other people.

Although you might feel like you are showing off by getting into a fight, you could end up looking immature and petty. Your man will notice the difference between acting like a child and being emotionally stable. You can impress your man by training for a marathon, getting a promotion at work, and being your best. You don’t have to show off your best assets.

  • Men don’t always like a high-pitched voice

Many women believe that a high-pitched, shrill voice is attractive to men for whatever reason. Perhaps it is the way female characters are presented on television. They may think that Barbie sounds like Barbie in real life. However, research has shown that men do not really like the idea.

According to the study, men found that a female voice was more attractive when it is “breathy” and “moderately loud.” Although Scarlett Johansson doesn’t need to be as deep, her voice may be more appealing to men than Kim Kardashian’s.

You shouldn’t try to make someone happy by trying to change you. You should embrace your natural voice and love that it squeaks. It will be loved by the right man, as well as everything else you say.

  • It’s possible to be needy

It is important to understand that men desire to feel needed when it comes to attracting men. Men want to feel that they are valuable and not just an extra, disposable, or unnecessary part of your life. Many women misinterpret a man’s need to feel valued by being jealous, overly dependent, or desperate to spend every moment with him. These are all undesirable behaviors for men. If you are someone who is emotionally dependent and clingy to a man, and think that it will bring him closer, you are actually pushing him away.

Men want to feel that they are part of your life, not the center of it. This is a good thing for your self-esteem and happiness. There are steps that you can take now to end your neediness about men. These include putting an end of negative self-talk and getting out of your comfort zone. Also, learning how to solve problems on your own.

  • Unnecessary risks can be attractive

Although it is true that men like girls who are spontaneous and interested in sports and live an adventurous lifestyle, there are limits to the kind of traits that can be attractive and desirable for a partner.

Researchers discovered that people who engage in modern risks, such as binge-drinking and smoking, drove without a seatbelt, mountain climbing and skateboarding, are less attractive than those who do not.

Respondents explained that these risks were considered unattractive due to their cultural stigma (e.g. Respondents described these types of risks as “unattractive because they are culturally viewed as negative” (e.g. Don’t forget to buckle up next time!)

  • Some people consider working hard to become attractive unattractive

It’s true that men like women who are assertive and outgoing, but it is important to remember that independence and availability are not the same thing. While you may believe that being a hard worker and acting distantly can help you attract men, you are making a mistake if you don’t make time for him. Playing games can make it seem immature. It can make you appear naive and not ready to get to know your man on a deeper, more meaningful level. While you might think that being detached and distant increases your attraction, in reality, you are making yourself look uninterested and flaky. It’s easy to play hard to get and look unattractive with a man by trying to win him over.

  • It’s not too appealing to be a damsel-in-distress

Many fairy tales from childhood would lead you to believe that men like dramatic, rescued women. But it is time to stop believing this old-fashioned way of thinking. Men don’t like drama and if you try to attract a man by making him feel sorry for yourself, you might find that you are only trying to make him laugh. Instead of trying to get his attention by making certain situations seem dire and hoping that he will save you, it is better to engage in self-esteem-boosting exercises and learn effective problem-solving techniques that will help you become more independent. You should not act like a drama queen if you want to attract your Prince Charming.

  • If you want to appear attractive, don’t use too much perfume

Women feel that they have to purchase a particular perfume to be considered sexy and attractive. This is a lot of marketing. Celebrities have made the industry even more popular. But does dabbing from a jar really boost your confidence?

Science has confirmed this. Scientists have discovered that the natural scent of a woman can be an aphrodisiac. However, there is a catch: it’s only when she’s ovulating that she’s most attractive. The study involved men being given t-shirts that were worn by ovulating women and others who weren’t. Results showed that men who sneezed t-shirts from ovulating females had higher testosterone levels than those who sneezed T-shirts that did not indicate fertility. Whether worn by non-ovulating females or not.

Instead of trying to mask your body’s natural scents, let the nature speak for you.

  • It’s not always a good idea to style your hair too much

Although you might spend a lot of money and time trying to achieve the perfect hairstyles that you see on TV and in magazines, men don’t like overdone and processed hair. Pantene’s survey found that 78% of men prefer women with healthy, shiny hair to those who have had their hair styled or manipulated. Particularly, men prefer loose curls and wavy hair to flat-ironed straight hair or complicated updos. If you are still not convinced that natural hairstyles and effortless styling are better for you, the survey revealed that 80 percent of men think having unhealthy hair is a turnoff. A staggering 75% of men said that the first thing they see about a woman is her hair. Low-maintenance hair can attract members of the opposite sexual orientation.

  • Hobbies that are predictable can be boring

Are you a lover of reading, cooking, and long walks on the beaches? You’re great! But if you are curious about what men find attractive, it might be worth thinking outside the box.

A study by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found that 815 male undergraduates were most interested in creative outlets. Hot activities included performing in bands, playing sports and taking photos.

The underlying message is that people should follow their instincts and passions.

  • A party girl can seem unattractive

It may seem like being a party animal, going out all the time, and looking for fun is the best way to attract men. Most men avoid party girls. These women are more likely to be reckless, make poor decisions, and place themselves and others in dangerous and uncomfortable situations. Women who are outgoing and confident are more attractive to men than women who have a tendency to be impulsive and party hard, however, guys won’t tolerate women who don’t think twice about their safety and want to have fun regardless of the circumstances. You don’t have to come off as unattractive, careless, or immature. Instead, party responsibly and take advantage of the positive reactions from your male friends.

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