woman touching her hair

Long hair – I DO Care

woman touching her hair

To the dismay all my contemporaries, I let my hair grow out. I was prepared for anything, except that my hair would one day be too long. My hair is now a long, square shape. My shoulders touch the ends of my hair, not as in my drawing.

My hair shows signs of my failed bangs attempts (YES, ME TOO). I also took the fame of Mica Arganaraz’s haircuts as a sign that my hair, despite its curly appearance, was capable of being both mystical and sex bomb with my fringe.

My hairdresser, said, OK, let’s do it. I looked gorgeous and classy when I left his salon with his natural-looking brushes out. But, after I washed it at home, my hair looked like a scared poodle from a bath.
Because everyone knows. Only fashion shoots with curly bangs allow for three hair stylists to use Elnett hairspray, ready as a fire extinguisher to place every strand.

As of today, my hair has grown longer. Since I promised myself that I would never put it back, I have been trying different textures, hairstyles, and products.

Ok, let me answer your question. Short hair is the best on all levels.

  • It is so easy to keep it:

Short hair 1
Long hair 0

  • Style:

Short hair 1
Long hair 0

  • Salon time (not for the cut but for the color):

Short hair 1
Long hair 0

I don’t feel the same with long hair unless I’m at the top in style and grace. (which isn’t the case right now due to a strange life moment that will be shared with you later when it’s less bizarre), but I do feel the same as everyone else.

I was unaware of the amazing impact that short hair could have on my life. For myself, I wore jeans and a shirt and was very stylish. (Now, if I wear jeans with a tee-shirt, I feel boring.) On other people! Every day I received compliments on my short hair! People were staring me down! It was not because I was famous. It was because my hair was short!

It is so long that I nearly cut it off again last week. But, before I did, my sister, the prime minister, called me to get her opinion. She said no, keep it up, “you look great with your long hair”. And I had to pay attention to Chris’s puppy dog eyes. He, like almost all men, prefers long hair.

I decided to keep my crusade going, remembering the Amazon women with long hair like Brooke Shields from Blue Lagoon. Because I decided to grow my hair long enough that I could join the ranks of others, I will soon be joining them.

UNLESS I decide to rip it all off in a flash of rational thinking madness.

As I said, long hair can be a lot more difficult to maintain (you must give it shape! It also needs substance! It doesn’t just happen by itself! So I am trying every technique and product possible.

Different washing methods

  • No-poo

This means that you can wash your hair only with conditioner, or a non-shampoo shampoo, which doesn’t make suds, and doesn’t contain any stripping agents. It’s terrible for my oily hair. It’s possible that I didn’t do it enough. But for me, no-poo makes my hair very dry. I want my hair to feel fresh and clean.

  • Dry shampoo

It was a nightmare. It doesn’t work very well. I think you can see it in your hair. It is loved by many girls, however. I persevered and tried many different brands before giving up.

This is why I will continue to wash my hair every other day. It’s possible to wear my hair down the first day. It’s still down the second day. Then, when it gets limp in the afternoon, I take it back.

Different drying methods

  • Braid drying

If I want my hair straight and flat, then I wash it at night and wear my hair up while I sleep. It works great, but it’s not super straight.

  • Drying naturally

You can’t really control what happens in the end.

  • Blowout

1) Absolutely doesn’t want to look like someone has styled her hair (obligatory Blue Lagoon reference).
2) Absolutely doesn’t know how to style her hair.
It’s not blowing it out, actually. It’s just drying it, and pretending to use the brush.

It looks great, my hair is flowing like Kim Basinger after drying it.

This is my fear most when it comes hair styling. I get so tired of seeing women wearing fake mermaid hair. You know what I mean. One out of every two American newscasters is obsessed with curling irons (they are usually blondish with a part down their middle, straight roots, and long curling iron curls towards the ends).

About 100% of Pinterest girls do braids when they’re not doing braids. This is the worst thing since the ombre a few decades ago. It’s enough! Although I don’t advocate curling irons, you should roughen up your curls to make them look natural. Help! Enough with the mermaid curls. It is time to end the attack by the curling iron clones!

Simply blow dry it.

Finally, I tried a lot of products to achieve a better texture. I have tried products that add softness and volume to my hair. I also tried products that hold my hair in place.

My hair hates me more the more I add. It becomes oily and brittle and is difficult to manage. I end up pulling it out. It’s just my hair. It doesn’t like any product. Many of my friends have hair products that they swear have saved their hair.

It’s a gentle shampoo and a conditioner that moisturizes my ends. I absolutely love True Botanicals right now, the bottles are gorgeous! Just before drying my hair, I add a little oil (Moroccan Oil). Ironically, this is exactly what I did with my short hair.

That’s it.

I accept every little flaw. The unexpected oiliness (I wash the thing, then I pull it out) and the unpredictable nature (I deal with it and, at worst, I pull my hair back). This is not to say that I have abandoned my research. But, this is where I am right now.

Isn’t this the frustrating and eternal end of every story?

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