blue and brown clothes hangers

Sundae School’s Pre Fall 2021 Collection Imagining a Life After COVID

blue and brown clothes hangers

Sundae School’s Spring 2021 collection was a tribute to Seoul, South Korea. Now, the Pre-Fall 2021 range from Sundae School explores the idea of a world in which passions burn and flowers blossom. The relaxed styles are adorned with illustrative graphics and prints that take inspiration from California’s blossoming cannabis culture and school notebook doodles.

The transitional collection of garments is designed by Sundae School’s latest cast of creatives which sees Audrey Sunha Bark and Shin-Shin handle design and Kwangmoo Lee provide the playful illustrations. Standouts include an array of printed shortsleeve shirts like the Cream Vaxxed!

Summer Shirt, styles printed with martini motifs and the bold Spray Doodle Carpenter Pants and Midsommar Carpenter Pants. Check out the lookbook and head over to Sundae School’s website to shop the “Summer We Drew: uriga geurin yeoreum” Pre-Fall 2021 collection now.

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