black nissan car steering wheel

Subaru Revamps the Forester Crossover with a More Aggressive Look

black nissan car steering wheel

Subaru, the Japanese automaker, has given its Forester an aggressive facelift. This gives it a sportier appearance for those who are more adventurous. Sitting beneath these modifications are two elevated “cheekbones” extending above the fog lamps and their bumper-integrated housing, all complementing the car’s sportier aesthetic.

Unfortunately, the current revamped Subaru Forester will only be a Japan-exclusive, but North America will be receiving its own Forester Wilderness shortly after and it is suggested that the latter will be based largely on the new redesigned JDM model.

The Forester Wilderness itself will debut on September 2, so fans of the automaker should definitely be on the lookout for more info to come.

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