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Style Tips for Men: How to Dress if You Have a Beer Gut

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We have a lot of experience styling men with bigger stomachs. You may feel less confident when you have extra padding around your midsection. To look sharp in your outfit, you need to focus on your belly. You can look smart in any occasion if you have the right clothes

These style tips will make you feel confident and comfortable in your clothes.


Dark colours such as charcoal, black, and navy are best. They are slimmer on the body so they are great for dressing up a beer stomach. A dark-coloured top can be paired with similar-colored trousers to create a balanced look. The eye moves up and down the body, not on the stomach.


Make sure you invest in a quality tailor. Some men will settle for too-big suits to hide their beer belly. Loose clothing will make you appear larger. Good tailors can make sure your suit fits well. This will give you more space in your stomach and highlight the slimmer areas of your body.


Avoid baggy pants. While it may seem tempting to cover your beer belly with baggy jeans you should consider chinos and trousers that are well-tailored.


Don’t wear tight shirts. Instead, opt for a regular fit. Regular fits should be aligned with your shoulders, close to your chest and straight all the way down. This will allow for breathing space in your abdomen.


Select the best fabrics. Any fabric that has stretch will cling and grab. This is why I often style larger men in a polo shirt over a tee. A V-neck can make your torso appear longer and your frame slimmer. Fabrics that are slightly heavier – such as. Fabrics with some weight – i.e. woven knits or heavier cottons – will flatter the stomach.


Your button down shirt should fit properly. You should strike a balance between comfort and style. Your shoulders should be well fitted. The shirt should also follow your natural line. When tucked into your pants, it should not create excess fabric at your waist.


You should choose your stripes and prints carefully. Choosing printed and striped shirts wisely can make a tactical decision. For camouflaging your stomach, opt for smaller prints, checks, and stripes when it comes to patterned shirts. Avoid horizontal stripes and always opt for vertical stripes.


Wearing a jacket is a great way to disguise your midsection and slim down. A well-cut blazer will conceal your stomach and visually cut the upper body into threes. This makes you appear narrower. Your shoulders should be comfortably covered by a blazer, jacket, or overcoat. If your shoulders are accentuated, it will give the illusion of slimmer legs.


It’s a simple rule: Never button ON your stomach. Never button the bottom button of your sports jacket or blazer. Only button up the top


Keep your head up! This will make your belly appear smaller and also give you a more confident appearance.

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