9 Things We Don’t Understand About the “Squid Game”

Netflix’s newest offering in K-Drama is Squid Game. It’s also the most powerful entry to the thriller movie genre. It combines the politics and tension of Battle Royale with the gore and violence of Hunger Games. It’s an exciting experience that teaches as much as it thrills.

It’s worth the effort. It’s filled with tropes and elements, just like many horror series and films. Swiss cheese would be the best representation of the series’ logic, plot and story. Although it has many flaws, it is still delicious. To add to your post-viewing ruminations it’s time for you to reflect on some of the show’s rational missteps.

Squid Game has grown to be bigger than anyone could have imagined. Squid Game has appeared in every corner of the Internet, from fans posting their own versions of the dalgona cookies to mini-games posted on platforms such as Roblox that feature the famous Red Light, Green Light sequence.

Fans and critics have had a lot of fun discussing the plot. The discussion has led to some interesting points being added to this list, whether it is the reference to tragic and important real-life events in South Korea like the Ssangyong Motors case or the unique plot that preceded the Hunger Games. Be aware that spoilers may follow for viewers who have not yet seen the series.

#9 – Workers are (mostly) too obedient

Squid Game is not only run by a mysterious host but also by several workers wearing red costumes and masks that cover the faces. It has been revealed that the symbols on the masks of the workers represent their rank among the workers. There are many plot holes and questions about the workers, as well as why they are so willing to obey. Except for the organ harvesters.

This would mean that there were hundreds of people who were perfectly happy to put players through a sadistic gaming experience. It is not known if they are compensated or if they live in a room resembling a prison. They live in a similar bleak environment, getting rid of bodies and making evil games. Although some theories suggest they may be players, how is it that they don’t seem to vent their anger at the game’s nature like regular players? It is likely that at least one of these players would be able to blow off a fuse when confronted with violence.

#8 – Player 001 Could Really Have Died

It was revealed at the end that Number 001 (the Old man) was in fact a VIP or the main antagonist. Because he was bored, he joined the players. He did have a brain tumour and was in poor health, which significantly limited his ability to play.

He could have been killed in some games, particularly the tug-of war. He could also have been stabbed during riot. Although his cries of fear during the riot scene seem to be a moment of humanity in the game, they are quickly dismissed later when it is revealed that the Host was only protecting the main villain. His death would have meant that there was one less VIP or wealthy old man funding the game show. His participation was shortsighted and, most importantly, blatantly unfair.

#7 – Contestant 456 Had Unfair Advantage

Number 456, the series’ protagonist, seemed to have a lot of luck. This is often the danger of these movies and shows, where many characters are fated for death, but fans can still expect the protagonist to somehow get through. This was until Number 001 joined him in the fourth game during the marble match. The Old Man feigned dementia to let Number 456 cheat his path to victory.

The Old Man gave up his last marble to Number 456 in the final minutes of the game. This effectively allowed him to win. Since he was kind to him, it’s obvious that Number 456 is his favourite. However, that would be against established game show principles.

#6 – How has no one discovered the game by now?

While this part of the plot is still up for discussion, it deserves to be mentioned. Junho discovered that the game had been ongoing for many years. How is that possible? Is it possible that every year, a number of people disappear and their bodies never turn up? Aside from these vans that pick up people on the streets, or a mysterious ferry carrying armed men in red suits, who would have thought of this?

These questions can be answered with defenses. South Korea has an alarmingly high suicide rate. Because many of the players have debt, families may be tempted believe that they’ve taken their own lives. It’s unlikely that many families would not investigate the disappearance or death of a family member. Junho is portrayed as an exception and maybe there are other like him. However, the show makes it appear that no other efforts were made to uncover the truth.

#5 – The Game Killed Its Contestant Not Fairly

In addition to all the other unjust things that the game show did it was also a crime to murder a contestant who won a game. This is according their rules and principles. This would be Number 067, the North Korean escapee. She was among the winners of the fifth round.

But, this honor didn’t seem important to the facilitators because she nearly died from the fourth-game’s glass explosion. It was also strange that she wasn’t treated by facilitators, as they tried to ensure that contestants were well-fed and healthy for the final game.

#4 – What Was It Like To Be A VIP?

One of the lecherous and old VIPs approached Hwang Junho, an undercover officer, to ask for coitus. He obliged, but then knocked out the VIP and attacked him to get out of the situation.

The VIP was not present for the sixth viewing of the game. Why didn’t other VIPs have questions about this security breach? What happened to the VIP? Someone who was able to raise a large sum of money for the game show must have raised safety and scandalous questions. This was not a minor incident.

#3 – Sangwoo’s Mother Accepts a North Korean Orphan

Number 456 followed the wishes of his friends and took care their families after the game. He merely left Number 067’s brother orphaned to his mother at Number 218’s house as a token of her sorrow for her dead son.

Sangwoon, Number 218’s mom would have asked more questions and interviewed the bow. It’s unlikely that the child will be happy to learn that he is from North Korea. It is also unlikely that a grieving mother would accept another responsibility, as she likely continues to worry about her son’s whereabouts and crimes.

#2 – How did a Game Winner become a Host?

The Host was another thing that was difficult to understand or hard to believe. It was revealed that he is officer Hwang Joon Ho’s brother, which is too convenient. This is because the Host was also an ex-contestant on the game show.

This is an alarming sign. He even hesitated to shoot his brother. This is likely because he didn’t want to kill him out of emotion, and probably so that there is more material for the second season. This kind of plot convenience can be a bit difficult to swallow, especially considering that the facilitators of the game are still watching the winners after they win.

#1 – Game Security is Too Inflexible

The security of the site hosting the game show is another topic. Security was a bit lenient for a large and well-funded operation. They expected returning players and could have taken additional steps to ensure they didn’t bring weapons or tools.

Since knives and guns can easily be smuggled, a metal detector should be a standard procedure. The underground organ-smuggling operation should have made more people aware than the film implies. Junho was able to sneak into the vans and follow them in the dark, which is extremely unlikely. However, no one saw him getting in the car or on the ferry. He is also not noticed by workers.

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