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Soulja Boy Slams Atari for Saying That He Doesn’t Own the Company

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Soulja Boy made a bold claim last week that he was now the owner and CEO of Atari, an electronic gaming company. Atari quickly responded to the news via their Twitter account, stating that Wade Rosen is the CEO.

Soulja Boy said that the company was interested and officially handed over the company to him. He also stated that he intends on selling the company for $140million USD. The artist took to social media again to voice his opinions on Atari’s debunking of the announcement.

In an Instagram Live, he appeared visibly upset and even showed his audience the contract which stated that Atari was offering him millions of Atari tokens. “Don’t call my name anymore, don’t attach mine to y’all’s name. Soulja has claimed that he was the first to do something.” He previously stated that he, through his deal with Atari is the first rapper to have a gaming company and that he believed he was also the most influential rapper of all time.

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