woman wearing orange blazer standing near white wall

Orange is the New Pink in 2022

woman wearing orange blazer standing near white wall

Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods made a famous remark in 2001 about her dislike for bright colors. During introductions, she said that orange was the new pink to a group of law school classmates. Fashion lovers knew what she meant. Even for many years, pink felt superior to all other colors, especially when it was about popular trends. After years of being surrounded by millennial pinks and neon alternatives, as well as tons of Barbie references, orange is now fighting back.

Orange could be the new pink in 2022

We can’t overlook Valentino’s fall 2022 collection, which was very pink and has become a favorite on the red carpet. However, celebrities are showing their love for pumpkin spice and tangerine shades. Rihanna was seen in an orange coat and orange suits have become Hollywood’s “It” outfit. We predict that orange will be more in demand as we move into the summer months — which is traditionally the time for orange to shine. This trend will also continue into fall and winter.

Please read about these orange-colored outfits worn by some of your favorite celebrities.

  • The Winter Way

Although a black puffer is fine, Rihanna in January 2022 made us reconsider our usual outerwear choice by wearing a bright orange coat. This bright sheerling design was a big hit on a night out in NYC when paired with camo pants, crystal-embellished heels and camo pants.

  • Super Sleek

What is 2022’s easiest outfit? You can wear it up or down, depending on your shoes. Lily Collins was seen in bright orange in March. She found the perfect balance with heels and a T shirt.

  • A muted alternative

You can try this trend with a lighter shade if bright orange is not for you. You can also make fashion statements with pieces in ginger or sherbert. However, they are less obvious.

  • Burnt and brownish

Every fall pumpkin spice is a hot topic. But for 2022, this color will transcend seasons. It’s as versatile as a neutral but it’s bolder, more unexpected, and so Kim Kardashian has decided to invest in a few brownish orange pieces.

  • Shiny and Sparkly

Orange dresses and corsets are great options if you’re looking for formal attire. This color is both stylish and elegant when paired with striking details like sequins or embellishments. It can be used as an accent color, with an orange bag or accessory contrasting against an all-black ensemble.

  • The Yellow Side

Creamsicle orange, a sunshine-like shade, continues to be one summer’s most popular shades. It is also a great way for Aretha Franklin to be remembered, as H.E.R. At the 2022 Grammy Awards, she did.

  • As an Accent

On some days, you just need the basics: a white t-shirt and grey sweats or a button-down and jeans. An orange accessory can give your outfit an instant lift, as Kaley Cuoco did in this fun pair of sunglasses.

  • Monochromatic

You don’t have to worry about what colors you should wear with orange. Sarah Paulson demonstrated that this color can be worn monochromatically, particularly if you layer (e.g., a skirt with pants). ).

  • Mix Shades

You don’t need to match everything if you wear orange from head-to-toe. Combining different shades of orange can give a classic look an extra edge. This is what Blake Lively did with the Sergio Hudson look.

  • Styled with Something Dark

This color is not for everyone. As Michelle Yeoh demonstrated with her deep-green jacket, orange looks more striking when paired with darker pieces. However, light and white clothes will help keep you looking fresh.

  • A summer spin

You’ll notice all kinds of swimsuits and shorts in orange. But, it’s possible to wear tangerine in the heat with a mini-dress like Winnie Harlow’s ruched one.

  • Give your gift a personal touch

It doesn’t matter what shade or orange item you choose, it is important to reflect your personal style. You can choose a print that speaks to your soul or pair your orange outfit with your favorite platform shoes (using Hari Nef for inspiration!) For a unique look, add jewelry or other pieces to your jewellery collection.

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