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Some things to keep in mind before buying leave-in conditioner

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Hair Type

The type of hair is important when choosing a leave in conditioner. Every hair texture has its own needs, says Amy Hazen, veteran hairstylist and owner of Hazen Hair Studio.

A lightweight leave-in conditioner may be fine for hair with fine texture or hair that is tangled on children younger than 10, but clients who have color-treated hair may need a conditioner that preserves their hair’s color. For thicker hair types like curls or coils, a thicker cream, or an ultra moisturizing formula, is recommended.


Although leave-in conditioners come in different sizes, Hazen suggests that you consider the size and length your hair before buying one. This will determine how much product you actually use. She says that clients with shorter hair will usually use less product than clients with longer hair. A cream might be better for clients with thicker hair or longer hair. A larger container of value-sized or more affordable products may be needed if you are using a lot of leave-in conditioner each day.


It is important to consider the product formula when choosing a leave in conditioner. Each product has different ingredients that may be beneficial for certain hair types. Hazen states that a lighter leave-in conditioner is best for clients who want a natural look and don’t need to color. To protect your hair from damage caused by heat styling or dyeing, a stronger leave-in conditioner may be needed.

Why would you use a leave in conditioner?

Hazen states that a leave in conditioner is a must-have for any hair care regimen. These products contain hair-boosting ingredients that can be used by all hair types. A little moisture can be beneficial for all hair types, including oily or straight hair. The key to styling your hair is finding the right formula that suits your hair texture and hair type.

Hazen says that leave-in conditioner is the most important product to purchase at a salon visit. It protects your hair from all kinds of activities, such as swimming, working out, or simply sitting outside and soaking in the sun.

What are the best ways to use a leave in conditioner?

Although both cream and liquid leave-in conditioners can help hydrate hair, their application is different. Hazen says sprays are a great, lightweight way to detangle hair. They also make it easy to comb through, especially for curly clients. Apply creams with a dime-sized amount first. Then, work up and apply the cream to the ends of the hair.

Apply leave-in conditioners to damp hair that has just been washed. Some formulas can also be used on dry hair to restore moisture and style. Sprays are a good choice if you want a product that works on both wet and dry hair.

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