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Soho Skin Products aren’t your average hotel cosmetics

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Soho House is not unfamiliar with beauty. The social club offers the Cowshed line, an award-winning range of products that includes shampoo and shower gel. Spas can also be found in many Soho House locations. The brand is now doubling down on its commitment in helping its community on the go care for their bodies from head to foot. Enter: Soho Skin.

The brand’s development has been underway for more than a year. It has heavily been influenced by Soho House members’ lifestyles. Aalish Yorke Long, managing director of Soho House Retail, says that listening to customers’ skincare needs was a key starting point. The Soho Skin range was created to fit their modern lifestyle. They are active socialites, travel often, work hard and enjoy socializing. They are tired and their skin is affected by this lifestyle.

Yorke-Long, along with a group of experts in skincare, set out to create “intelligent skincare.” What does this all mean? The formulas must be based on the most recent science and contain actives that make a real difference to the skin. The products had to be simple to use and easily integrated into any routine. The two-part approach led to the creation of 10 core products that range from a cleanser and shaving gel. Yorke-Long explains more about Soho Skin’s products and science behind them.


It is important to first understand the philosophy behind the ingredients before you dive into the details. Yorke-Long states that all Soho Skin products are influenced by skin energy. She says, “It’s about not beating the skin to submission. It’s about giving the skin nutrients that support its natural functions.”

This philosophy was the basis for Soho Skin Concentrate, which is now the brand’s main formula. Yorke-Long says, “It’s uniquely designed to restore and regenerate skin structure, protect the microbiome, and protect energy.”

Three standout ingredients make up the signature complex: Lactococcus fermentation lysate, which is a strengthening probiotic, accelerates skin renewal and restores barrier function. Glycogen is a natural ingredient that improves hydration, firmness, and reduces hyperpigmentation. Pistacia lentiscus gum stimulates collagen, elastin, and aids in the regeneration of your skin’s structure.

The Products

The first product line includes both everyday products and heavy-duty, unique treatments. The product range includes the Cream Cleanser, 24/7 Treatment, Renewal Serum, Lip Balm, Eye Cream, Dex Mask, Eye Cream, Lip Balm, Dex Mask and Liquid Exfoliator. Shave Gel (30) is also available. They are suitable for all skin types and fragrance-free. They are vegan, cruelty-free, as well as silicone-free.

The Cream Cleanser and Renewal Serum are great options to get you started on a routine. Yorke-Long claims that the Renewal Serum is a particular hit in the Soho House community. She explains that this product “focuses on balancing the pigment in your skin.”

When you want to give your skin some extra care, products like the 24/7 Treatment and Detox Mask are perfect. Yorke-Long recommends the 24/7 Treatment, which is a gel exfoliating masque. Jessica Sproson, Soho House’s skincare specialist, adds that the 24/7 Treatment will “rejuvenate the skin and give it an added radiance.” I recommend it being used once in a couple of weeks. If you have been socializing a lot you might need to use it more often.

The Launch

Soho Skin launched in phases. It first became available in Soho House bedrooms starting in March. The entire range is now available online and through an exclusive partnership with Bloomingdales, which will launch on October 4. It was an easy decision for the Soho Skin team to partner with this renowned retailer. Yorke-Long states, “They are well-respected beauty experts with stores in all the major cities where we have houses, so there is an excellent customer alignment from day one.”

Yorke-Long said that Soho Skin will soon be available to all and she is eager to hear from consumers. She tells us that the priority is to launch existing products, then take stock of the market and listen to the members about ways to improve the range.

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