black wireless earbuds beside laptop computer

Skullcandy Transparency is the most environment-friendly series now

black wireless earbuds beside laptop computer

Skullcandy was founded in Park City, Utah with the intent of making headphones for skateboarders and snowboarders. Skullcandy has been working hard to reduce their carbon footprint over the years. Recently, they partnered with TerraPass and EcoChain with the goal of making their carbon footprint net-zero.

This initiative is first demonstrated by the newly released Transparency Series. It’s named deliberately: it is designed to increase awareness about environmental impact, while also progressing Skullcandy’s commitment to carbon reduction. The ultimate goal is to provide excellent sound without causing any damage to the environment or breaking the bank.

Hesh Evo Wireless Headphones

Transparency Series Hesh Evo Wireless Headphones come in a limited edition “Transparency Blue” colourway. They also have all the great Skullcandy features we love: up to 36 hours battery life, fast charging, call, track and volume controls, built-in Tile Finding Technology, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and more. The headphones fold up for easy transport and can charge with USB-C. You can also use an existing wired AUX input to power your devices.

The Transparency Series Hesh Evo Wireless Headphones are unique because they have a carbon emission equivalent to 12.14 kg, which is neutralized using carbon offset credits. This results in a net zero carbon footprint. It is also made from 100% recycled packaging, which maximizes its waste reduction.

Jib True 2 Wireless Earbuds

The Jib True 2 joins Hesh Evo to make it the wireless earbud option for the Transparency Series. Skullcandy increased the battery life of the Jib True 2 by 33 hours, without increasing its size. This means more listening time and less e-waste. The IPX4 water resistance makes it suitable for the most intense workouts and even unexpected downpours. The Transparency Series Jib True 2 Wireless Earbuds have a net zero carbon footprint. They contain a carbon equivalent to 5.70 kg and are offset with carbon offset credits.

Every manufactured product has an impact on the environment. This includes the materials they are made from, as well as how they are shipped and packed. It’s impossible to completely eliminate this impact. However, Skullcandy’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint as well as its commitment to transparency regarding its environmental impact are a positive step.

Protect Our Winters is funded by a portion of the Transparency Series’ profits. We love the new, limited-edition headphones that show a strong commitment to climate change.

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