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What looks better on men – short hair or long?

man on boat looking back

The debate between short and long hair has been going on for a while already. Each group has their own opinions about the benefits of each hairstyle. Although hairstyles can determine how attractive someone looks, you can change your image by trying different hairstyles. When choosing a hairstyle, lifestyle and profession are important factors to consider. It also depends on how much time you spend taking care of your hair. Let’s take a closer look at both the long and short hair styles before we get into the details.


Long hair can be a way to express your individuality and make a statement. You need to wear it confidently. Although it may make you look cool and fashionable, you should spend more time caring for your hair. It takes patience and time to grow hair. Let’s take a look at the pros and disadvantages of having long hair:

  • It takes more time to maintain your hair and use high-quality products.
  • You will need to visit the hairdresser less often.
  • Long hair can be styled in just a few steps.
  • It can provide protection in cold winters.
  • It is important to comb long hair regularly as it can get knotted easily.


This style is associated with western masculinity. Men must cut their hair short in many places, such as schools and some workplaces. This cut is ideal for busy men who don’t have the time to care for their hair. A shorter haircut will also make your hair look more natural if it is thinned. These are the pros and cons to short hair:

  • It’s easy to just have it.
  • It dries quickly.
  • But you will need to visit the hairdresser often.
  • It is more effective in sports and business environments.
  • Summers are more pleasant with shorter hair, but winters are less so.


Long hair is a better choice if you prefer to look more relaxed and playful. If you feel that long hair can make you appear too feminine, then you can add some facial hair to balance it. You can wear almost any type of top-wear with short hair.

Your hair isn’t the only thing that makes your face more attractive.  If you’re looking for a unique hairstyle, don’t be afraid to let your hair grow.


You don’t have to let your hair fall below your shoulders with a long hairstyle. It’s fine to grow it out just below the chin or up to your ears. The hair should be in line with your face. It is not a good idea to grow your hair too long without having a reason. The shape of your face is also important in determining the length.

Round faces require more volume at the top, while a round face requires less volume at the sides. For a wider appearance, thin faces may need more volume and length. If you are blessed with a well-shaped face, you will be the one who is lucky. You can look great at any length. You may have to tie your hair or pull it back if your hair is getting too long. A topknot may not be the best choice. You can either tuck your mid-length hair behind your ears or use a bandana. Tie your hair with a band at the nape. It is not the best idea to part your hair.


A short hairstyle could be anything from keeping your hair longer than 2 inches to slicing it down to the skin. This will give you a cleaner look.

The buzz cut is popular among athletes and businessmen. It is evolving and adapting to current trends. This cut is perfect for anyone with a square- or oval-shaped face. The crew cut is another popular option. This is where the hair is longer at the top and ends, but shorter on the sides and back. This versatile cut looks great with either a clean-shaven or with facial hair. The Ivy League haircut is a classier option for square-shaped faces. The high and tight fade is great for those who want to keep things professional but stylish. The sides are kept very short, while the top is longer. It is a popular choice, and a practical option for busy people. It is compatible with all face shapes.

Both long and short hairstyles look great on men, even though they each have their unique challenges. You can try both styles to see which one suits you best.

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