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Seven Best Thrilling Netflix Murder Mysteries to Keep Your Attention

silhouette of man inside the forest during dusk

They can be gory, dark and even maddening at times, but they have millions of fans — we are talking about murder mysteries.

This genre has some of the best storylines and twisty plots. An engaging whodunnit might even inspire the audience to take on the role of detective and solve the cases. A good murder mystery should have unexpected twists, nail-biting endings, and a few red herrings. This will keep viewers’ attention, without being too difficult. Netflix, a streaming platform that is well-known for its rich library of interesting and offbeat content, has an abundance of series and films dedicated to this topic.

We have the perfect series or movie for you if you’re looking for suspenseful and captivating movies. Enjoy a beer or pizza on the couch and watch the most thrilling murder mysteries on Netflix this weekend.

The most popular Netflix murder mysteries 

Making A Murderer

This true crime series, Making A Murderer, tells the story of Steven Avery who was sentenced to 18 years for a crime that he didn’t commit. The next step is to file a lawsuit against all those involved in his arrest, and wrongful conviction. Trouble ensues when his nephew and he are again put behind bars for the alleged murder a 25-year old photographer.

The first season of this documentary was filmed over a 10-year period. It seems that the viewers appreciated the hard work of its creators. The series won several awards, including four Emmys.

The film Making A Murderer sparked national controversy and led to petitions for the review of evidence in Avery’s case. Many viewers requested that the White House pardon him. This request was denied.

How to Get Away with Murder

A group of law students believe they have secured the internship of their dreams when they are selected to work as criminal defense attorney Annalise Kating. But, they end up being involved in a series murders and complicated personal lives.

The netflix murder mystery How To Get Away with Murder flashbacks allow viewers to see Annalise Keating’s past and gain a better understanding about her morally-ambiguous views of law. The six-season series featured outstanding performances by its stars and took viewers into the depths that are attorney life. Each season opens with a horrific murder, then moves on to investigate the circumstances surrounding it, as well as who was responsible and what happened afterward. The show also includes flashbacks to Annalise’s past, which helps you understand her morally-ambiguous views of law.

Viola Davis won Emmys for her performance as Annalise. She is an attorney who knows how keep her clients safe and on their toes.


An otherwise normal American family must come to terms their dark past and secrets after their brother Danny, whom they blame for the death of their younger sister, returns home.

Bloodline was praised for its first installment and helped Ben Mendelsohn, who plays Danny, win an Emmy for Best Actor In a Supporting Role in 2016. His siblings want to send Danny away because they fear he might leave his mother again. But he insists that he stays. Everyone ends up acting in a rash manner as their insecurity builds. This is the beginning of a terrible crime that cannot be stopped.

The series’ first three-season episode received high praise and helped Ben Mendelsohn, who plays Danny, win an Emmy for Best Actor In a Supporting Role in 2016.


Political cartoonist Robert Graysmith becomes a detective after becoming obsessed with identifying Zodiac Killer. This is a killer in San Francisco who sends open letters to the media and wears bloodstained clothing. Robert does his best but the serial killer is always one step ahead.

Zodiac murder mysteries is named after and based upon a serial killer who terrorized Northern California in the 1960s and 1970s. The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo in key roles.

Zodiac received positive reviews from critics, and was a worldwide commercial success.


In an unknown city in the US, two veteran and amateur detectives are assigned to investigate the murders of a serial killer who is inspired by the seven deadly Sins. As the body count increases, they find themselves in a race against the clock.

Se7en was the year’s highest-grossing film and received a nomination at the Oscars 68th. Despite the movie’s grisly premise most crimes are not shown onscreen. Instead, we see disturbing images from the crime scene and the morgue, which allow us to imagine what might have happened.

Se7en is an early David Fincher film. It stars Brad Pitt and Kevin Spacey as the lead characters. Morgan Freeman, John C. McGinley, and Gwyneth Paltrow are also featured. The 1995 film was the most successful in its year, and it received a nomination at the Oscar Awards 68th.


A young woman in business finds herself locked up in a hotel room alongside the body of her lover. She claims she has no memories of what happened. She hires a top-notch lawyer to help her prove her innocence when she is accused of murdering him.

Badla gives flashbacks from time to time, even though the story is told in a single room. This allows audience to form theories and find out who did it. Although the story is told in a single room, there are flashbacks that allow audience members to make their own theories and find out who did it.

The film stars Amitabh Bachchan (Bollywood actor), Amrita Singh (Bollywood actor) and Taapsee Pannu (film director). It was a commercial success that earned Bachchan and Pannu a lot of praises for their performances.

Murder Mystery

This Netflix original features comedy veterans Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler as the murder mystery genre.

Murder Mystery received three nominations and won one at the People’s Choice Awards.  A couple, played by Aniston & Sandler, travels to Europe to renew their romance. They meet a man who invites the pair to his yacht. They make a good decision, but soon they are accused of murdering a billionaire aboard the boat.

Three nominations were received for the film and one win at People’s Choice Awards.

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