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Senators urge FTC to investigate Tesla’s self-driving claims

close-up photography of red car

Tesla could be subject to yet more federal scrutiny over its Autopilot feature. Senators Ed Markey, Richard Blumenthal and others have called for the Federal Trade Commission’s investigation into Elon Musk’s electric vehicle company. This is reportedly due to its misleading advertising and marketing of the Autopilot feature and Full Self-Driving Systems.

Lina Khan, the FTC chair, wrote that Tesla and Musk’s overstatements about their vehicles’ capabilities, despite clear and frequent warnings, are alarming and call for real accountability. They put Tesla drivers and the public at large at risk of serious injury, or even death. “The senators stated that a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigation has been opened this week. The case specifically examines a number of collisions between Tesla vehicles and parked emergency cars. One of these accidents led to the death of someone.”

Musk has repeatedly claimed that Tesla’s autonomous drive is very close to being fully autopilot. Musk stated that he is “highly confident” the car will be capable of driving itself with greater reliability than humans in an earnings call in Q1. This isn’t the first time Tesla has been accused overselling its Autopilot capabilities. Their overstated claims give drivers a false sense of security & overblown confidence in their car’s capabilities–putting motorists & others on the road at risk.

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