person holding silver iphone 6

The latest manicure color of Selena Gomez is a throwback to 2010

person holding silver iphone 6

Blue is the nail polish that keeps ranked tops. Blue is timeless, no matter what season. There are endless options. Summer brings vibrant, electric blues. Spring brings out all the periwinkles. Fall is closer to grayish tones.

However, there is a dated shade of turquoise that is often associated with the chevron print of the 2010s. Selena Gomez may know what I mean.

Tom Bachik, her manicurist, shared a TikTok on August 28 of Gomez sporting a teal manicure as he sang the lyrics to Rema’s song Calm Down. Bachik shared on his Instagram that Gomez received the polish from Mia Secret, who goes by the simple name Turquoise. Her nails were cut in a square shape, at her preferred fingertip length. Surprisingly, the gem tone is still as trendy and unique as ever.

We love the look of Gomez’s manicure. But we can’t get enough of her curly brown hair. Her trimmed fringe was kept trimmed with a headband (another very 2010s look), but her shoulder-length, textured curls have light-brown highlights.

Gomez was greatly missed at the MTV Video Music Awards this year, where 3D decals and grunge designs were featured on celebrity manicures. Her relaxed manicure made it onto our radar. Trending nail colors of the past still reign supreme. Yes, I cringe thinking back to the selfies of peace signs and duck faces that were associated with turquoise manicures from decades ago. We can hopefully bring back the trendy shade without them.

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