people standing on rocky hill under starry night

RovyVon S3 Flashlight

people standing on rocky hill under starry night

Any list that features keychain flashlights would most likely feature a RovyVon or two. Their extensive Aurora collection has made them a household name, but this doesn’t mean that compact lights are their only tool. The team has tried out larger lights such as the S2 searchlight before settling on the latest light, which is a solid compromise between output and EDC practicality.

Measuring in at only 2.74″ long, the RovyVon is only slightly longer than the keychain Aurora models. Despite its small size, the S3 produces nearly twice the output as its Aurora brothers. Its triple LED design means that you can get up to 1,800 lumens in the Cool White CREEXP-G3 variant and as high as 1,200 lumens when using the Nichia 219C neutral white option. Both options use a USB-C rechargeable 16340 liion battery. However, they can also be powered by regular CR123A primaries (one of few RovyVon models which uses standard batteries).

The RovyVon S3 comes with five different brightness settings, ranging from an 8-lumen Low for 22 hours of runtime to it’s 1,800-lumen Turbo for 3 minutes before a step down to High (CW 500 lumens/NW 400), and further down the ladder as its battery runs out. For emergencies, you can also access the SOS/Strobe modes. With its single side switch you can access all of these modes. It also doubles up as a low battery indicator.

You can pick between two versions of the : aluminum and titanium. The aluminum version is 2.75 oz and the titanium version is 3.56 oz. The titanium version has the superior material strength-to weight performance and aesthetics, while the aluminum version is slightly more expensive. Both lights are IPX7 rated for water and impact resistance.

Rounding out its EDC features are a deep carry pocket clip, a lanyard hole, a 1/4″ tripod hole in case you need to mount the light, a ceramic glass breaker bead at the bottom, and even a tritium slot if you want to add a vial for extra flair or visibility. Both versions are already available.

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