person walking on street and holding umbrella while raining with vehicle nearby

Male outfit for rain: cordovan and cap

Although it may seem niche, it is something that I find very useful. Rain is often a factor in my plans for what I will wear on a given day.

You might plan to go into town and wear a specific jacket. Or I could be doing errands in the local area and wear a specific sweatshirt. It doesn’t matter what, though, I can’t help but notice how it is ‘pissing down the curtains’.

The following is what I have settled on to do when my children shout that they don’t have a clean PE shirts, can’t find the reading record or are just swinging from the banisters. We need to get out of their way. I cover my head and feet in rain, in either a cap and cordovan (or felt and suede).

Although it sounds simple, I can swap my calf split-toes for cordovan equivalents and put a cap on top.

Cordovan leather is more weather-resistant than most other leathers. As we have previously explained, most rain runs off Cordovan. However, water marks and spotting can be removed by rubbing the leather. Cordovan is not susceptible to salt stains like calf leather.

Baseball caps may not be for everyone, especially with smart clothes, but I love them with any less formal than a dark-colored overcoat, such as a Donegal raglan or camel polo. Or a cotton raincoat, like the Drake’s.

The alternative is felt or suede.

If I am wearing something smarter, such as grey flannels or a navy knit with a calf loafer or boot, I will switch to suede calf loafers and boots. A felt fedora, such as the one pictured above, will be pinned to my head.

It is worth mentioning that suede does not have the delicate, water-resistant properties people believe it to be. You can get it wet, but it’s fine if you let it dry, then brush the nap again. If you wish, spray a protector spray on the nap.

Importantly, they won’t get salt stains or welts, which can cause a shoe to be too narrow.

Some people are put off by felt hats because they are so rare. They are practical, thank God. It rains, and you will get envy. This is as much due to the wet heads of others as their appreciation for style.

There are umbrellas. The problem is that I seem to always be carrying a lot of clothes everywhere I go. It’s nice to not have to carry so many.

It is important to think about the coat you should wear over everything. However, it is also important to remember that waterproof outer layers are not necessary just because it is wet.

A wool overcoat will be absolutely fine in the rain. Hang it up once you reach your destination, and then let it dry. Gore-Tex is best for outdoor activities such as hiking. For places where it is difficult to dry your clothes, such as a tent.

Even cotton is fine, such as a vintage parka or field jacket. It can be dried by hanging it up. Cotton is much more cold than wool when wet. Or felt and suede, or cap and cordovan. There’s nothing wrong in mixing these pairings. You can also go for a cap with suede. I find that having two options helps me to stay calm in the face of multiple screaming children at 8am.

The cap-and–cordovan outfit is by far my most colorful: it has a yellow oxford and green flannels. It also includes burgundy shoes. The bright-red cap, gun-club jacket and the gun-club jacket are also included.

It’s the way I prefer to wear colour: light like the yellow, dark as the green, and dark, even obscure, like the shoes.

I think stronger, brighter colours should be kept for accessories – for things around the edge. The shirt should be topped with a cardigan, bag, or hat.

Let’s just say it’s the easiest, rather than the best. This is because the colour doesn’t dominate the entire outfit. It’s also easy to modify the look as you feel or when your situation changes. You can take off your cap or cardigan. You can’t do this with a bright shirt.

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