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Favorite Beauty Products of Queen Elizabeth

Nobody does a signature look quite like Queen Elizabeth. The Queen’s iconic look has been a hallmark of her 70-year tenure on the throne, from her monochrome outfits that are eye-catching to her shoe brand for over 50 years.

The same applies to her beauty routine. Although the Queen isn’t in the lipstick business, it’s possible to determine her beauty routine. The Queen’s royal warrants can also be used to determine her commercial preferences. This is in addition to some very shrewd royal reporting. The House of Windsor has been supplied by a few select companies with royal warrants for many years. They have the honor to boast about their royal clients. Below is a selection from the Queen’s top-selling powders, creams and scents. Many of these companies hold an elusive royal warrant.

  • Ever Matte Shine Control Mineral Powder Compact Clarins

Clarins cosmetics were chosen by Queen Elizabeth to be her lipstick shade. The company was commissioned by the queen to wear Clarins makeup when she was crowned. Today, Queen Elizabeth still uses Clarins cosmetics regularly. Clarins has a royal warrant for “skincare & cosmetics” and it is rumored that Ever Matte powder is one of her must-haves.

  • Ballet Slippers Nail Polish Essie

According to Essie’s website and a few other sources, the Queen’s hairdresser wrote Essie Weingarten back in 1989 to request a box of Ballet Slippers. It is believed that it is the only nail polish Her Majesty wears.

  • Hand and Nail Care Cream Clarins

According to the Telegraph, this tube of nail and hand cream “never runs out at the palace.” The Queen must maintain a perfect manicure, even if she has her nails done every day.

  • Beautiful Color Moisturising Lipstick

Elizabeth Arden lipsticks have been loved by the Queen for many years. Hello reports that Elizabeth Arden has held a royal warrant for more than 55 years. Although it is not clear which color the British monarch prefers to wear, she tends to be boldly pink.

  • Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant Elizabeth Arden

According to the Telegraph, Eight Hour Cream is another favorite of Queen Elizabeth Arden. A press representative stated that the brand regularly communicated with Angela Kelly, the Queen’s senior stylist, in order to provide service for the monarch. They didn’t specify what products they were but said that they could “reveal however that we are extremely proud.”

  • Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Bath & Shower Gel Molton Brown

Molton Brown, another royal warrant holder, has the privilege to supply the Queen with “toiletries.” We have yet to find the products that the monarch likes, but we suspect this body wash might be a contender based on her love of pink.

  • Oval Cherry Wood Hairbrush Kent

Kent is the oldest brush maker in the world and was granted a royal warrant by nine monarchs, including Queen Elizabeth.

  • White Rose Eau de Toilette FLORIS

Floris claims that the Queen Elizabeth, King George IV and Mary Shelley were all admirers of Frankenstein author Mary Shelley. Floris is a Royal warrant holder for Queen Elizabeth, and we are betting on the floral White Rose.

  • English Lavender and Essential Oils Soap Bar Yardley

Yardley obtained a royal warrant from King Charles I in the middle of the seventeenth century to supply all London’s soap. The brand has lost its monopoly but retains royal ties. Yardley soaps are kept in royal residences, and private guests at Windsor Castle, according to Marie Claire, are also given Yardley products.

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