woman in blue denim jacket wearing black sunglasses

The Vest is a Year-Round Closet Staple

woman in blue denim jacket wearing black sunglasses

Layering is often seen as the key to great fashion, but the idea of wearing multiple layers in the heat of summer is almost absurd. A vest can add interest to any ensemble without sleeves. Vests can be worn in a variety of styles including bohemian, sweater, and waistcoat styles. You can wear them now over breezy sundresses or t-shirts, and then switch to sweaters and button downs when the temperature drops. Even better, you can wear your vest alone as. We’ve created three outfits that will inspire you with their unique styling of vests.

Patterned Vest + Sundress + Birkenstocks

Embrace the bohemian nature of the season with a printed vest and gauzy shirt dress. To balance the lightness of your clothes, add a heavier shoe. This pearl anklet is a simple accessory that adds the finishing touch.

Belted vest dress + highheels

A belted vest dress is as chic as it gets! For a stunning dinner date or a semi-formal affair, give it a try. Be sure to accessorize with statement earrings, a cute white clutch, and beaded heels. This look conveys stylish confidence, elegance, and professionalism without sacrificing an inch of style.

Vest + dress

For a perfectly smart look, wear a long vest over your dress. It looks very elegant. You can wear stilettos, pumps, or any kind of footwear with it.

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