gold-colored jewelries

POLITE WORLDWIDE wants you to connect with nature and yourself

gold-colored jewelries

POLITE WORLDWIDE, a sustainable L.A.-based jewel brand, is back stronger than ever. Its new collection of fine jewelry statements has an accompanying ready to wear drop. Although its pieces are in line with current trends, they have much more.

The new collection of fine jewelry features vibration pieces that are meant to help us ground and heal. They also use natural healing gemstones and 14kt yellowgold beads to connect us to Earth. This is a slower fashion response that offers pieces that can be treasured and collected.

Christian Azzinaro, co-founder of the brand, said that jewelry was like a sculpture to him. “It is sentimental and historic, and can be carried with you throughout time and places. Jewelry is an expression of imagination for me. I am fascinated by the endless possibilities of creating jewelry with precious metals, stones, and other elements. I love the feminine look of jewelry. It gives people a sense of confidence and allows them to accessorize in a way that reflects their personal style. The act of wearing jewelry creates conversation. It allows people to share their stories, ideas, and to get to know one another. ”

Azzinaro said, “Our ready to wear selection was created with the intention of transmitting uplifting and positive messages. Each piece is unique and goes through many steps. These pieces are physically linked to me because I’m either painting on them or infusing my original art into them. I strive to make pieces people will love for many years. Each piece has a unique feel because of the inconsistencies. It’s not like getting a mass-produced item that you have many of. This way of creating feels more authentic to me. ”

All the items will be available on POLITE WORLDWIDE’s website in September and at selected stockists around the world.

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