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9 Biggest Trends from Milan Fashion Week 2022

brown leather wallet on white textile

Fashion Month is over and some of the most striking looks are making their way onto the streets and catwalks of Milan. These are the top Milan Fashion Week trends in spring/summer 2022: From punk to deconstruction, and ultra-short hairlines.

Trends from Milan Fashion Week

It doesn’t matter if you prefer street style or fashion moguls dictating what to wear. A combination of both can often predict the up-and coming trends best. Let’s take a look at the top trends from Milan Fashion Week.

1. Heels with sculpture

Fendi and Prada are two of the most important brands that will influence future it-bags. Both fashion houses were dominated by sculptured heels, which ranged from logo heels to architectural masterpieces.

2. Clashing materials

All collections have a central theme of craftmanship, from embroidery to the smallest handmade details. Contrast between materials was what made these crafts stand out. Tod’s used wool and canvas with gold-colored brooches, while Sportmax used corsets with orange, athleisure-inspired laces.

3. Deconstruction

Copenhagen Fashion Week was dominated by deconstruction, which is a result of its sustainable origin. Deconstructed clothes are a form of upcycling, which is more than just a fashion trend. The creative directors at Prada drew inspiration from haute couture, but in a more deconstructed fashion. Jackets and linings of gowns were primarily used as clothing. Why not? This gives a new twist to an old wardrobe.

4. Sex without the male gaze

If we believe Milan’s fashion labels, the male gaze is very nineties. Models wore corsets in a very sexy way at Prada – it was not selling sex. Sportmax had transparent corsets that were very seductive.

5. Transparency is key to the win

N21 showed see through tops that were best worn without any other clothing to keep the male gaze away. Bella Hadid is a huge fan of N21, but it’s not clear if or how to avoid having eyes looking at your chest. Bralettes and corsets are the most popular trends in fashion, making for a casual but sexy look.

6. Hemlines that are short

Donatella Versace thought that the shorter the better when she designed Versace’s hemlines. The length of skirts is decreasing, as a result of Mary Quant and Twiggy’s inspiration. Prada wore shorts with the deconstructed skirts (or belts) at Prada. Just be careful to avoid embarrassing moments.

7. Pointy toes

Square toes will be around forever, but pointy toes only get more pointy. Many designers showcased ultra-sexy pumps with kitten heels. Many were inspired by Raf Simons’ Prada debut.

8. Punk

Vivienne Westwood is fashion’s reigning queen without even being there. Among others, MM6 Maison Margiela was a clear example of her punk influences. It is a natural instinct to be stubborn and strong after multiple lockdowns, which makes it an appealing trend to embrace.

9. Rededicating firefighters

Prada’s bags, and partly their shoes, were mostly firemen red. Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada drew inspiration from haute couture. They took classic pieces and made them into ready to wear pieces. These brightly colored, red bags were real show-stoppers.

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