person in black knit cap and gray sweater

NVIDIA reveals that a part of its CEO’s Keynote presentation was fabricated

person in black knit cap and gray sweater

NVIDIA revealed recently that some consumers had already seen its “Omniverse technology.” Jensen Huang, NVIDIA CEO, was seen in the kitchen revealing that the unveiling took place in April at its GTC 2021 conference.

NVIDIA’s Connecting The Metaverse video reveals the big surprise. Everything from the cabinets to the stove and cooking utensils were integrated into the “Omniverse.” Nearly 8,000 objects were created using a variety of tools including Photoshop, After Effects and Substance Painter. You could even find Easter eggs in the deepfake scene, such as a NVIDIA coffee grinder, Tao oil and a LEGO Jensen Huang.

The Omniverse was created when it was combined with a GC Huang. This keynote can be seen at 1:02,29 to 1:02;56. NVIDIA describes the Omniverse as “an open platform designed for virtual collaboration and photorealistic simulation.” As users and teams collaborate to design assets and projects, complex creator, designer and engineering visual workflows can be transformed.

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