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Does Nivea 2-In-1 Moisturizing Primer actually work?

white and purple plastic bottles

I am always looking for a primer that can smooth my skin and last me longer. The Nivea 2-In-1 Moisturizing Primer looked great to me – but was it worth the effort?

What does The Nivea Moisturizing Primer Claim To Do?

Nivea says that the 2-in-1 Moisturizing Primer was a light, non-greasy makeup foundation that will moisturize and renew my skin. The gel-cream absorbs quickly into the skin, and it is enriched with vitamin E.

First impressions = Not Good

I can recall over a year ago seeing countless beauty gurus sing the praises Nivea Sensitive skin after shave balm (for men) for its ability to extend makeup wear. So I assumed Nivea 2-in-1 Moisturizing Primer would be a similar formula, but not scented.

This primer is best applied with a flat foundation brush to clean, exfoliated and moisturized skin. It has a light gel-cream texture that Nivea loves. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any greasiness. It is surprisingly matte!

Although it feels lightweight on the skin, it didn’t feel any different to my previous moisturizers. The moisturizing primer has a strong fragrance, but it is manageable. After you apply your foundation, the fragrance will fade quickly.

Did Nivea Deliver?

My first experience with moisturizing primer under my makeup was not a positive one. It didn’t make any difference to how my makeup looked and lasted the entire day. I tried it again, but only on one side of my face.

Nivea’s 2-In-1 Moisturizer Primer didn’t moisturize my dry patches on my nose or chin, and it doesn’t feel like a moisturizer. This is a strange thing for a moisturizing product.

It felt a little bit more smoother on my skin when I applied it to my back. However, this didn’t translate into any noticeable changes on my face.

It may be good for people with smooth, 20-something skin. But it was not smooth enough for me, a 37-year-old woman who hasn’t been allowed to use retinol for over a year.

To whom should Nivea have promoted this primer?

It has a matte finish, which I may have enjoyed when I was struggling to apply lots of oil. It might be something I will use in the summer when my makeup is starting to melt.

Overall, Nivea’s 2-In-1 Moisturizing Primer didn’t do much to impress. It was not what I expected to love, but it isn’t.

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