woman in black spaghetti strap dress standing on stage

Nicole Kidman: The Untold Truth About Actress

woman in black spaghetti strap dress standing on stage

Nicole Kidman, one of the greatest actresses, is now in her third decade of Hollywood. She is currently playing some of the most interesting roles of her career. From stealing the Cannes 2017 show to her role in Sofia Coppola’s female-led The Beguiled and Yorgos Langthimos’ family horror The Killing Of A Sacred Deer. She is the femme fatale of Moulin Rouge! She has made a tremendous stride.

Kidman is reserved and well-spoken, but her public status has not really influenced her star power. Kidman refused to talk about her high-profile marriage with Tom Cruise, despite it being very public. Her four children, who are all still at home, remain out of the limelight, except for the usual press obligations. She does not even reside in Los Angeles. Nicole Kidman is a multifaceted woman with many hidden truths. She is a working mother and wife who wants to live a normal, low-key life.

  • Her first film was about Christmas in Australia

Actors start out young. Kidman’s first role onscreen was quite different. In 1983’s Bush Christmas, Kidman was the star of her first film. It’s a festive movie set in the Australian bush, as the title suggests. The story centers around a close-knit family from the outback who face foreclosure on their farm. They had been counting on their horse winning an upcoming race. But they are distraught when he was stolen. The family banded together to save Christmas.

Kidman told W magazine in an interview that the film was shot in Queensland’s bush, right in the middle of nowhere. As Helen’s daughter, Kidman is most proud to have eaten “witchetty grubbs,” which are basically white worms found in the earth.

  • “Give me a spider, I’ll eat it!”

Kidman seems to have a tendency to eat strange things. The actress from Australia also spoke out about her willingness to eat while roughing it on the Bush Christmas shoot. She also said that she is a completely fearless eater. She said that she was “excited” about eating the grubworms.

It shouldn’t surprise that Kidman is so willing to take risks in her work, but Kidman called her “secret skill” her ability to eat almost anything. As a result, she hypothetically submitted herself for reality TV show Survivor. She revealed that she would eat any nasties presented to her (though she does not believe she is capable of eating more difficult physical elements). “Give me a spider, I’ll eat that!”  She exclaimed to W magazine, “I’m adventurous.”

  • From her provocative mother, she taught her to be fearless

Kidman’s courage came from an unlikely source. The actress credits her mother for her desire to dive headfirst into her work, despite the fact that she may have to play dead for a husband (as is The Killing Of A Sacred Deer), or to urinate on Zac Efron (as is The Paperboy). In a candid interview with Vogue, she explained that her mother was a constant challenger of conformity and influenced the person Kidman became.

In a time when women were expected to marry and settle down, the actress’ mother was a nurse and editor of her husband’s books. Although Kidman felt compelled to coddle her young self, she now understands how her mother challenged her and her daughter to be their best selves. Vogue reported that she was determined to push her daughters out of their comfort zones.

  • Since high school, she has been best friends Naomi Watts

Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips are not the only actresses who show up together on red carpets, spreading the love. Naomi Watts, a fellow Aussie, and Kidman have been best friends since highschool. They are still very involved in each other’s lives. Kidman said that Naomi Watts and she are “very, very good friends” and have maintained this friendship through many events. “That’s a rare thing, especially for actresses. I take great pride in it.”

Vulture gives a very sweet and detailed account of their friendship. From the time they met on set of Flirting in 1991 to the moment Kidman presented Watts with an award for her performance in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. Watts is the only person Kidman will gladly gush about, even though she keeps her private life secret. Amazingly, they have not appeared together onscreen since Flirting. Hollywood, make it happen!

  • Without her, Big Little Lies would not exist

Watts revealed to The Guardian that there was talk of Kidman and Watts appearing together in the TV show’s mega-hit Big Little Lies. They had discussed the possibility of doing the show together but their schedules did not align. Watts watched the show, just like everyone else, from her couch. It’s important to note that the show would not have been possible without Kidman’s immense influence.

Reese Witherspoon and she co-produced the series (via their production companies), and also co-starred. It was made in record time by the duo, just two and a quarter years after its conception. Witherspoon encouraged Kidman read the novel that it was based on and then, by pure serendipity the actress from Australia tracked down the author to convince her. Through tireless effort and literally endless phone calls, they found the right director (JeanMarc Vallee), and the right stars (Shailene Whiteley and Laura Dern).

Len Amato is the president of HBO Films and he was enthusiastic about their approach to The New York Times. “It’s quite unusual to have a megastar and a producer sitting around doing their homework. It’s more meaningful when the people involved in the project found it, put the pieces together and are willing to take on the role of actors.” he stated.

  • She tweeted #TimesUp about waiting for female roles

Blossom Films, Kidman’s production company was founded in 2010 by pure determination. Rabbit Hole was their first movie, in which Kidman starred alongside Aaron Eckhart as a grieving mother. Kidman’s decision not to follow the lead of Big Little Lies and the rise of #TimesUp seems smarter and more necessary. Hollywood is a place that often throws out women over 30, but when they set up their own production companies, it opens up opportunities for older actresses as well to create their own careers. According to the company’s mission statement, it is to support filmmakers and writers with interesting thoughts about the world.

Kidman said that it has allowed her to shape her career by being able find opportunities that she may not be offered or wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to. She’s now in her 50s and doing some of her most exciting work, thanks to her ability to choose stories that she enjoys. Kidman thanked actresses like Meryl Streep and other contemporaries for opening the doors for her to push the boundaries in Hollywood during her 2018 Golden Globes acceptance speech for Big Little Lies.

  • She is a voice for women survivors

The support of women by the Australian actress doesn’t stop at Hollywood. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Kidman is a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. Her Golden Globes speech was a call for arms. Kidman, unlike her contemporaries Angelina Jolie and others, prefers to make a difference behind closed doors. This work is approached in the same way she approaches her personal and professional life.

Kidman was appointed January 2006. Her role is to raise awareness about the violations of women’s rights around the world. She is particularly concerned with violence against women, something she has also spoken out about when playing Celeste in Big Little Lies. Kidman, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador has travelled the world, raised vital funds and contributed her celebrity voice to the cause. “I have seen the potential for women to achieve great things if given the chance. As UN Women’s representative, I met many women who faced enormous challenges but went on to become social activists and help others. Kidman spoke out about the importance of this role.”

  • After being humiliated at Cannes, she was quite scarred

When Kidman returned to Cannes in 2017, she showed her inner strength as an actress. This was after the devastating Grace Of Monaco in 2014, which received almost universal negative press. Kidman was greeted with boos and received a lot of negative reviews.

Many actresses wouldn’t have agreed to be back on the Croisette with Kidman. She made her big return to Cannes in 2017 with four major projects in contention. Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled and Jane Campion’s Top of the Lake were two of the most talked about (and proudly female-focused!) Kidman vehicles at the festival. To the delight of the Aussie, she was named the Queen Of Cannes. In an interview with Vogue she said that she was afraid to return, but Jane and Sofia assured her that it would be a completely different experience. “We will hold your hand. don’t worry.” It was, yet again, a display of female solidarity.

  • She was plagued by stage fright and suffered severe consequences

Kidman seems to be driven by her tenacity as an actor and in life generally by confronting her fears and then understanding them. She discovered theater, her first love, halfway through her unhappy first marriage to Tom Cruise. Kidman made her West End debut in David Hare’s The Blue Room. She received an Evening Standard Award as well as widespread praise for her performance.

She was terrified to return to London’s stage 17 years later. “I felt like my heart was going out of my chest, standing in the wings.” She told the Evening Standard of the UK that her mouth was so dry, she drank two bottles of water throughout the show.

Once again, the reviews were excellent. Kidman was fortunate to be in such a unique position, nearly 20 years after her London debut. The play needed her celebrity for its success. Because she grew up in the laboratories of her biochemist father, Kidman felt a strong connection to the subject. Kidman describes Rosalind Franklin’s life as a DNA pioneer. She says she felt her presence every night and is glad that she was able to help her be recognized.

  • She often takes her daughters along on the road

Actors and actresses typically live in Los Angeles or New York. Kidman is not the one. Nashville, Tennessee is where the Aussie actress, along with Keith Urban’s daughters, is her home. Tom Cruise has two grown children.

The actress often takes her daughters along on the road with her, whether it’s on film sets or if Urban is on tour. If Urban is on tour, the entire family will load on to the bus together. “They’ve been to many places. They are very well-traveled. My daughter can say to her school, “I’ve been there.” I’ve been in Morocco. She told Town & Country that she had been to India, China, and Italy.” This is a deliberate decision by the parents. They don’t want to break up the family too often and try to get everyone together for dinner as often as they can.

  • Fashion is her rebellious outlet

Kidman, who is quite fearless about eating cockroaches or jumping from planes, does her red carpet appearances without much fuss. Although Kidman isn’t always a safe choice on the red carpet, she won’t be wearing a meat dress or showing one breast anytime soon. The actress views fashion as another way to express herself.

We interviewed Kidman about fashion and how she believes there are many “dreams attached.” Kidman, unsurprisingly, views what she wears to be an extension of her personality and the person she wants to portray to the world.

“It allows my feelings to be expressed, like I want to wear this because it’s my rebellion right now. That’s how I fit in. Or it’s my way to say no. It’s my way to say I’m different” she said. Kidman attributes her love of dressing up to her grandmother and mother. Her Balenciaga wedding gown was donated to the “Love” Australian exhibit. This, Kidman said, was an act of love. “I will support any charity that supports love. Truly. It is the essence of all things.

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