person holding black and white handled knife

Quick look on the Zero Tolerance Knives

person holding black and white handled knife

Zero Tolerance knives are very strong, robust and heavy, they can be used for professional use. That makes the Zero Tolerance knives super reliable and strong. The finishing of Zero Tolerance is meticulous and the knives exude trust.

Overbuilt quality, premium materials, and bold designs are the hallmarks of a Zero Tolerance knife and every new knife they release is guaranteed to have something new and exciting. They’ve released three new models this year, each with a compelling combination of hard-working practicality and an attractive and distinct look that makes them easy to use every day. This quick guide will take you through the ZT catalog’s newest blades and show you what they can do to your EDC.


This blade measures 3.125 inches and is made from S30V stainless steel. It also features a modified drop point blade shape with a slight recess in the hollow-ground edge, which increases this knife’s cutting power. With the ZT SpeedSafe spring-assisted opening in the handle, the flipper tab allows for a quick and easy deployment. The aggressive G-10 handle scales will ensure that you don’t drop the knife, even in the most extreme conditions.


The blade and handles are striking features. One has a long, straight modified wharncliffe that can be used for precision and slicing tasks. The other has windows in the carbon fibre scale. Blue continues on the lock side, where a titanium subframe lock and a hardened-steel lock bar insert get the blue anodized treatment. To ensure a consistent and quick action, the 0762 comes with the ZT Tuned Detent System.


It folds into a G-10 back handle and titanium front handle. This latter also acts as the frame lock, with a hardened steel insert. The flipper tab and KVT ball bearing opening are used for deployment. This unique pivot rides on a custom-made nut. With a 1/2″ wrench, you can even adjust the nut to your specifications in the field. Black hardware completes this bombproof, tactical design.

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