wooden bookcase filled with books


wooden bookcase filled with books

Grab a bag of candy this Halloween month and enjoy these fantastic stories, mysteries, and fantasy by your favorite authors. Our October reading list includes the most anticipated books by Anthony Doerr and Liane Moriarty. Lisa Jewel, Louise Penny, and Lauren Groff are also on the top of our wishlist. There is a lot to read for everyone!

  • The Night She Disappeared (Crime Fiction) by Lisa Jewell

The Night She Disappeared, a psychological thriller that takes place over a long period of time, is about the aftermath of a disappearance of a young couple and the mother who will not give up on her quest to find them. The story is intertwined and follows three timelines: one year before the couple disappears, one year after the disappearance, as well as the time around the disappearance. This solid mystery is both intriguing and dramatic.

  • It’s My Time (Nonfiction) by Karen Pierce

This book provides a powerful way to organize your priorities and discover your passion and purpose. It’s my Time: Finding Balance in Your Priorities and Passions Purpose teaches you how to integrate your life, try to balance it. This system will help you live the life you desire, and allow you to have time to enjoy it all.

  • L.A. Weather (Hispanic Literature Fiction) by Maria Amparo Escandon

L.A. Weather weaves together the themes of family, weather and life into this complicated Mexican-American family. Storm clouds are coming with everyone in trouble with their marriages. There are family expectations, deceptions and a near-tragic incident. Grief, love, and fear all over the place. This novel is fast-paced and fun about the Alvarado family as they “weather” the storms in their chaotic lives.

  • The Madness of Crowds (International Mystery) by Louise Penny

The Madness of Crowds combines moral issues with absorbing character studies to create a difficult murder mystery. The controversial proposals to reform healthcare systems are based on statistics from COVID deaths in nursing home. The Madness of Crowds is a complex web of layers that makes it clear how profoundly this year’s pandemics have affected the world.

  • Cloud Cuckoo Land (Fantasy/Historical Fiction) by Anthony Doerr

Cloud Cuckoo Land is a fantastic, imaginative, and fanciful tale that can be solved as a complex puzzle. It tells the story of how literature can unite people from different cultures and times. Cloud Cuckoo Land, an ancient Greek play is the common thread that binds past, present and future. With a final twist, the ending unites all three time periods as well as all the characters.

  • Apples Never Fall (Domestic Horror) by Liane Moiarty

Apples Never Fall is a layered family drama paired with a murder/missing/mother mystery at the center. Her husband is the most likely suspect in a murder when mom goes missing. Everyone ends up fighting for their rights after decades of unspoken resentments among brothers and sisters. Apples Never Fall examines marriage and siblings, as well as how the people we love most can cause us to be the most hurt.

  • Matrix (Medieval Historical Fiction) by Lauren Groff

Matrix recounts the story of Marie de France, twelfth century, who transformed an English abbey into an all-female business venture that was rich in passion, wisdom and magic. Marie was trained by her mother in the management of family estates and she continued those skills at the abbey. This is an engaging story about empowerment and women.

While you enjoy a good book, the leaves will fall and the colors will change. This is the perfect time to curl up with a book and take in the cool weather. Enjoy!

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