white tablet computer turned on displaying game

Netflix Releases the First Penn Badgley-Narrated Teaser of ‘You’ Season Three

white tablet computer turned on displaying game

Netflix has released the first teaser trailer for You season 3. It also includes an official release date. They find themselves in a sea of judgmental mommy bloggers, Insta-famous biohackers and other parents.

While Goldberg is devoted to his new role, Quinn’s destructive tendencies quickly stir up the pot. In the teaser’s opening Goldberg says, “People these days will call their children anything to get attention,” presumably speaking to his newborn child. “And despite your mother’s history and your Glamma’s desire to refer to your child as Forty reincarnated,” he continues. “A boy isn’t what we expected. And I would lie if I said that the idea of a mini me was exciting and not without its challenges. Let’s just say that I hope you will do what I say and not as much as I do. You can change me. You can look up and admire me. You will be proud to call him Dad.”

The visual shows that Goldberg’s son Henry is revealed. A knife then cuts into the white-frosted cake decorated with letters welcoming the baby.

The final sequence shows a perfectly-cut slice that reveals the next installment’s date: October 15, 2021.

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