women's assorted clothes

What to do if you don’t know what to wear

women's assorted clothes

I will be honest: I am often lacking inspiration for outfits. Yes, I do have my go-to outfits, which I love to wear again and again, but sometimes, I need something different. Is it a familiar feeling to feel like you don’t know what to wear?

  • What do you do when you are faced with a morning like this?
  • Do you ever quietly growl at your clothes?
  • You relax and wear the same boring outfit that you wore last week?
  • You wonder when the next opportunity to shop for new items will be?
  • Do you feel guilty for keeping a closet full clothes that aren’t your favorite?

Instead of compulsively shopping and doing all those things, I began doing something that has completely broken the cycle.

You can use outfit formulas to help you put together stylish clothes. These are great for when you don’t know what to wear.

These topics have been discussed many times on my blog. But, one thing that I haven’t covered before is

1) The difference between great outfit formulas and good outfit formulas.
2) How to use them.

Great vs good outfit formulas

Good and great outfit combinations are different. They help you put together outfits but may require specific pieces that might not be appropriate for your style. While they can give you great results, they don’t offer much variety. You might find them too specific and limit your options.

GREAT outfit formulas can be both specific and universal. An outfit formula that works will not only get you one great outfit, but can also get you five or ten great outfits. These outfit formulas will give you the best bang for your buck and can be used over and over, regardless of your style.

How to Use Outfit Formulas

While I might still grumble at my closet when I don’t know what I should wear, I instead of going on my next shopping trip compulsively, I grab my smartphone and pull up an outfit idea I had in my notes.

Instantly, I feel inspired.

I can whip up two to three great outfits in no time and then head out on my day feeling great. I was able to get out of my morning closet rut and put on an inspired and fresh outfit. This also helped me overcome the urge to shop for random items. BOOM. Feeling confident that I can conquer any challenge!

What was your last experience doing this? Do you remember doing this before? What if instead of grumbling at your closet every day, you spent 2 minutes creating an outfit formula?

You might have a completely different day!

Here’s a great outfit idea that you can use this week. No matter your lifestyle or style, you can reuse the same outfit over and over again.

Below, you will see three outfits that I created following this method. One is casual, and two are work attire. This is where the key is to pull out one of the neutrals from the print and use it in your bottoms. It keeps the look cohesive.

The first outfit is me wearing black jeans and the black striped top. The second outfit featured the blue top with blue pants. Both outfits look great with white bottoms. The third example shows you a dress that doesn’t require bottoms. I wore the black dress with a black blazer. You can add bright shoes to the outfit because it is composed of neutrals.

This formula can be used to create a wide variety of outfits, regardless of your personal style. This is the power and versatility of an outfit formula.

Here’s my challenge: Make the outfit for your weekend today! We hope this helps make your mornings more enjoyable!

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