woman wearing white shirt with red lipstick

Why Are We Wearing Too Much Make-Up And What to Do With It

woman wearing white shirt with red lipstick

How can you tell if you are wearing too much makeup? Is it important? These were the questions that we sought to answer as we spoke with dermatologists about the relationship between what we put on our skin and the products that we use.

Our experience taught us that too much makeup can be subjective. Each person will have their own definitions. Caking foundation and blush can cause problems and potential risks. These complications are more common if you use more makeup.

  • Say hello to clogged pores

Makeup covers our pores, so the more we put on the harder it is for our pores to breathe. Skin irritation and breakouts can result from clogged pores.

Diane Elizabeth, a beauty expert and founder Skin Care Ox, said that the most common side effect of too much makeup is clogged pores, and skin irritations. Many of the ingredients in makeup products are either highly comedogenic (or pore-clogging), including synthetic silicones and petroleum chemicals. High-comedogenic ingredients can get stuck in our pores along with dirt, bacteria, and cause breakouts and blackheads.

You may enjoy playing with lots of makeup. Make sure you wash your face every night.

  • You’ll be at risk for infection

Your face isn’t the only thing you should be cleaning. How clean is your makeup bag? After just one use, your makeup can begin to develop bacteria. Even mascara wands can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria if they are near your eyes. Because so much of our makeup touches our eyes, mouths, and throats, we are at risk for ingesting harmful bacteria and becoming ill. You have a greater chance of getting infected if you use more makeup.

This will prevent you from sharing your makeup with others.

  • Your wrinkles could be worse

The more we touch our skin or apply makeup to it, the greater chance we have of developing wrinkles. Jessica Weiser, a dermatologist, told Glamour that rubbing and pulling on delicate skin around the eyes can cause them to lose elasticity and wrinkle more easily.

As you apply more makeup, the delicate skin around your eyes gets pulled and tugged. This can lead to more wrinkles. Isabelle Bellis, holistic facialist told Glamour that the skin around the eyes is finer than the rest of your face. Tugging can cause collagen to break down and damage capillaries. Applying makeup around the eyes is a matter of minimizing your use of makeup.

  • You could be at risk for side effects

Many of us are so concerned about cleaning up our diets and replacing conventionally-grown food with organic, but what about our makeup products? You could be exposing your skin to toxic chemicals every day, depending on which products you use. The more you apply makeup, the more toxic substances you are exposed to.

Time’s Steve Xu, Dermatologist, said that dermatologists live and breathe cosmetics. “I am often asked, “What is safe to use?”

Dr. Xu and his associates studied makeup-related complaints that were reported to the Food and Drug Administration. Over the 12-year study, they found that there were 5,144 complaints about cosmetic products. Do your research, but don’t rush.

  • You will need more makeup remover

When you wear a lot of makeup, you need more remover to wash it off every night. Your cleanser may leave a residue on your skin. Makeup removers may not be all created equal. Before you use it every night, make sure to check the ingredients.

Susan Stuart, a dermatologist, told that even though makeup removers are quick and easy to use, some active cleansing ingredients can remain on the skin. The residue of makeup removers can leave the skin exposed to various chemicals, including surfactants and emulsifiers. They can dry and irritate the skin. Many of these products also contain preservatives such as formaldehyde which can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.

You can start by removing as much makeup as possible, and then you won’t need to use too much cleanser.

  • You may feel more self-conscious

Makeup can help you feel fun and beautiful, but once we start relying on it to feel good, we’ve just crossed into unhealthy territory. It’s time for you to examine your relationship to makeup.

According to the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, women with higher self-esteem and self-consciousness tend to use less makeup. You may have been using makeup to boost your self-confidence. Start slowly weaning off and you will be amazed at how you feel.

  • Or you could feel more beautiful

There is nothing wrong with feeling good about getting dressed up and doing your makeup. You can temporarily feel more confident by wearing a lot of makeup. This can be useful before you go on a date or present at work. These good feelings can be enjoyed without being dependent on your makeup.

The Journal of Social Psychology published a study that examined the body image of college female students. It looked at their body images with and without makeup. The study participants felt more confident about themselves when they were wearing makeup. It was interesting to note that the greater the difference in their body images, the more they used makeup. This means that the more makeup they wore, their self-esteem improved. However, if they didn’t use makeup, it made them feel worse.

  • You’ll feel more grown up

Learning to do your own makeup is a rite of passage for us women. We all remember sitting in sixth grade in girls’ bathrooms, looking at a full-length mirror and applying too much makeup.

What happens if you have too many clothes as an adolescent. According to a study published in the Journal of Consumer Behavior, it can help you to separate yourself from your childhood and begin to transition into adulthood. If your daughter is wearing heavy blue eyeshadows and dazzling lip gloss, don’t be discouraged. She’s passing an important milestone.

  • You could be ovulating

If you find yourself putting on more makeup than usual, check the calendar. The Psychological Record published a study that found a correlation between women’s periods and makeup use. Researchers found that women wear the most makeup at the time of ovulation. This may be nature’s way to make you more attractive at your most fertile.

  • People may judge you

Makeup can be a hot button issue. Reddit users were shocked when a model shared her before-and-after makeup looks. Some even called women “deceitful” because they wore too much makeup. You can look completely different if you use too much makeup. You are the one who decides what makeup you use, so be open to trying new techniques. But, remember to highlight your natural beauty and not cover it up.

“Whenever I do a makeover, this is what I think about: ‘When you are wearing makeup, you should look as beautiful as you can be. Courtney Marzilli, Makeup Artist at Bustle, stated that the emphasis should be on you. “That said, makeup should be fun. It should be used as an outlet for people who want to express themselves and do something bold. We are makeup artists, so how can we tell what is too much for someone?”

  • Maybe nothing happens

When it comes down to it, wearing too much makeup may put you at higher risks for some of these complications, but at the end of the day, it may not be a big deal.

According to Alan Parks, a dermatologist, there are no lasting effects of wearing too much makeup. You should not wear too much makeup or leave it on at night. This could cause acne problems as the makeup can clog your pores. Make sure to wash your makeup brushes regularly and toss out any makeup that isn’t needed anymore. This could cause skin irritations or even acne.

The bottom line: Do what you feel is best for you. You can repair any issues that you have.

How to restore your skin

You should take care of your skin during this process. Clear skin starts with removing makeup. Mindy Green, owner of MG Beauty, told us that the best skin is the foundation for the best makeup. You should apply eye creams and anti-aging serums at night, and makeup shouldn’t be on.

It is vital to your skin’s health that you remove all makeup from your face every night. Green stated that washing off makeup at night is the best way to fix this problem. Makeup remover wipes are a good option if you’re too tired or too lazy to wash your face.

To really make your skin shine, get into the habit of washing your face each night. The key to a healthy skin is to exfoliate it every week. Elizabeth explained that exfoliation is a great way to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and get rid of any makeup residue. Clay masks work well for all skin types. They are gentle, non-abrasive and can pull out gunk from clogged pores. Make a clay mask using pure aloe vera, Bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar. Aloe soothes skin irritations and kills bacteria, making it ideal for those with acne-prone skin. Take care of your skin and then apply as much or little makeup as you wish!

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