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Eyewear Brand for The Digital Nomad Generation

An enormous chunk of workforce will spend many hours every day sitting at a computer. The computer is everywhere, whether you’re working in an office, at home, or remotely.

Yet, we are still ignorant to the potential eye damage that prolonged time spent in front of a computer screen can cause. Many people have lost their vision due to digital eye health issues. You should check out Mouqy Eyewear if this is you.

Mouqy Eyewear, a new brand in eyewear, places an emphasis on quality, affordability and accessibility. Mouqy has hundreds of eyeglass frames available online in a variety of styles that will suit every taste, including retro, modern, minimalist and retro. You can choose from a variety of frames, including metal and acetate, and most of them will cost you around $20 before you pick the lenses.

You can try on your glasses before you buy

Mouqy understands that sometimes you won’t be able to try on your glasses in any physical store so they offer a virtual-try-on service. This uses your smartphone or laptop camera to show you how great you look with a new pair of glasses.

Even better, you can enter your prescription during the seamless checkout process. Mouqy’s engineers will then take care of everything and send you your prescription glasses right to your doorstep.

You can specify a range of lenses during checkout. Different types will suit different prescription strengths. However, no matter what style you choose, all have the option to add blue light blocking technology to prevent eye strain.

All Mouqy glasses are shipped in a case. For a limited period, Mouqy will offer free shipping for orders over $50.

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