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How to Clean Jewellery

person holding bridal ring set

Jewellery is one of the most sentimental items. Jewellery made of precious metals and covered with gemstones can often be a talisman in our daily lives, whether it’s an engagement ring from your partner, a brooch from your grandmother, or a necklace that you bought yourself after a promotion.

What do you do if your favorite gold bracelet is dull and your diamond earrings are no longer sparkling? Monica Vinader, founder, CEO, and fine jeweller was our interviewee to find out how to clean your jewelry at home.

How do you know if your jewelry needs a clean?

Vinader told us that jewelry should have a little sparkle, but with regular wear it’s likely to lose its shine.

The most common reason jewelry becomes dull is because of buildup from body products such as lotions, perfumes, self-tanners, soaps and hand sanitizers. You don’t have to stop using these products, but you should make sure that your pieces are cleaned regularly in order to maintain their beauty.

Would you recommend using a jewel cleaner machine?

It all depends on what type of jewellery you are cleaning. The majority of cleaners use ultrasound waves for the removal of dirt particles from your jewellery. While this is a great solution for cleaning plain metal pieces, it can also be dangerous for precious stones like pearls and diamonds.

How do you clean your jewellery at home?

A soft, lint-free cloth can be used to maintain the shine and luster of sterling silver, rose gold vermeil and 18ct yellow jewellery.

“A common mistake that we hear is metal cleaners using tissue paper or paper towels. Although they appear soft and non-abrasive, they can cause scratches.”

Gemstones require special care. It is important to find out how to clean each stone. Natural stones can absorb dirt over time. It is important to clean them after each use.

It is important to avoid using hot water or harsh chemicals on natural gemstones. Instead, use a soft, clean cloth. “Very porous stones like pearls, howlite, and turquoise should only be cleaned with an untreated, dry, and soft cloth.”

Which are the best products for cleaning jewellery at home?

The right polishing cloth should be a must-have. Use the ones that jewellery brands recommend as they are specifically made to match your jewellery. You can also use polishing cloths to polish your eyeglasses in a pinch.

I really love my jewelry so I don’t have the time to clean it every day. However, I do try to polish them gently every few days. This helps restore their shine.

I recommend that you do a deeper cleaning once every two weeks for those pieces that you wear most often. This is especially important if you use lotions or perfumes, which can cause residue buildup on your jewelry.

You can remove any residue and dirt by simply washing them in warm water with a small amount of non-antibacterial soap.

“Follow these steps with a gentle wipe down using a polishing cloth, and your pieces will look fresh.”

Do you need to send your jewellery professionally cleaned?

If you are concerned about jewellery that is very precious or you don’t feel your home is doing enough, it is worth having it professionally cleaned. Jewellery professionals can remove any residue and preserve the quality of your jewellery.

What can you do to protect your jewelry?

Protect your jewellery’s durability and quality by storing it in a pouch, or soft-lined box. Keep pieces separated so they don’t rub together.

“If you live in humid areas, it is important to include a small packet desiccant crystals inside the packaging to prevent jewellery from tarnishing.”

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