shallow focus photography of person carrying backpack

Our review on Monarc Settra Duffel Backpack

shallow focus photography of person carrying backpack

Should I get a backpack? Do I need a duffle bag? What happens if the bag I bought doesn’t fit in my carry-on? These are questions you might have asked yourself if you’ve ever considered buying a new bag to take on trips. It’s not an easy decision to invest in a high-quality bag, especially if you plan on sharing it with others. Monarc has the answer with their versatile bags which can be used for any purpose, regardless of where you are going.

The is a hybrid bag that can go from duffel to backpack or vice versa with ease, giving you the versatility you need whenever and wherever the situation calls for it. To convert the bag, simply switch the straps. This means that you can either fold the backpack straps or remove the duffel strap to store it in its own compartment.

Whichever configuration you go for, you get a full 40L of space packed into a water-resistant bag made from recycled materials to keep whatever you pack inside safe and dry. Its 11″x13″x24″ dimensions make it easy to comply with TSA regulations. It also features a luggage pass through that allows you to carry your stuff along with your other belongings.

There are many compartments inside, each serving a different purpose. You can store your laptop up to 17″ in the dedicated compartment, and you can also keep an extra pair of shoes handy if you have to do some exercise. A front panel with mesh net and a water bottle pocket helps keep you hydrated.

While 40L might be a lot of bag in terms of space and weight, Monarc set out to design the with comfort, too. The backpack’s back panel is ventilated and cushioned to keep you cool and comfortable. The adjustable shoulder and sternum straps help to distribute weight evenly throughout your body, even when carrying a heavy load. For comfort while on the go, the duffle strap has a cushioned handle.

If you’re looking for a versatile pack full of convenient features and versatile options, is a top travel contender.

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