pair of brown leather boots beside bet

Menswear Trends for Fall/Winter 2021/2022

pair of brown leather boots beside bet

It is a common belief that following trends religiously means you are good at dressing. In our humble opinion, blindly following every seasonal trend is a recipe to poor style. It’s also an easy way for you to go bankrupt. Your ability to distinguish between current trends and future classics is key to maintaining your sense of style. We’ve compiled a list of menswear trends worth adding to your wardrobe in an effort to help you get started. These are the fashion trends for men in 2021: From the return to florals to the widening of the silhouettes.

Fall/Winter 2021/ 2022

  • Oversized Outerwear

In 2021 and 2022, tailoring is not the only thing that is going to get looser. Long parkas, long puffer jackets, and slouchy coats will all be in fashion as we move into winter. Particularly, oversized belted coats are worth your attention.

This trend is a great example of winter menswear’s ability to layer. You have a lot of options for layering, so you can be creative with the pieces beneath. This makes it a winner in my book.

  • WFH Cosiness

Although it’s impossible for us to predict where we will be in 10 months, there are still fluctuations in coronavirus restrictions. Luxurious loungewear and high-end house shoes will be in fashion.

Think socks and stocks, hoodies and slouchy shirts are all acceptable. This is the kind of clothing that borders at pyjama comfort, but won’t get your boss fired if you need to join an impromptu Zoom meeting with your boss.

  • Fleece

The revival of fleece is indicative of a wider trend in menswear toward outdoor-inspired clothing. For many seasons, thick-pile retro fleeces have been a popular choice for standalone outerwear. Designers continue to incorporate more of this fabric into their fall/winter collections.

This trend is best enjoyed in small quantities. To avoid looking like a sheep, keep it to one fleece item per outfit. You can mix and match other textures to add another dimension to your cold weather looks.

  • Leather

Leather will be a popular choice year after year due to its timeless appeal, ruggedness, and good looks. It’s one of the best style investments you can make. A bomber jacket made from it will be a great choice. Although it won’t be cheap, the jacket will last for a lifetime. This winter is the perfect time to add one to your wardrobe. If you want to be on-trend, consider a model with a belted waist.

  • Textured tailoring

Once the cold season sets in, ditch the soft fabrics and see your tailored looks flourish. Tweed, wool, corduroy, and twill are great options for enhancing your style and adding character to any outfit.

It will not look as elegant as traditional tailoring so it is best to save it for dates, weddings, and other formal events.

  • Tech Jackets

Technical outerwear has been a major trend in fashion over the past few seasons. This trend will continue into the new year. It’s the cropped, zip up silhouette that takes centre stage this season. This is easy to throw on for a quick trip to the shops or to use as a layer underneath your winter coat to add ballast and protection from the elements.

The North Face, Canada Goose, and Woolrich will remain solid investments. However, it is worth looking out for smaller brands such as Crescent Down Works or Adsum as well as full-fledged outdoor brands such as Arc’teryx.

  • Relaxed Legs

Slim-fits and skinny legwear are disappearing. We are seeing a return of relaxed-fitted pants from the 1980s and 1990s.

For the better part of a decade many of us have been wearing tight-fitting jeans for most of our lives. You might be surprised at how much you love a looser leg. It’s not only stylish, but also comfortable.

  • Chelsea Boots Commando-Soled

The Chelsea boot is one of the most elegant and sleekest boot options. They are practical, but they become unpractical when there is a lot of rain or ice.

The commando-soled Chelsea boot is here. These thick, rugged soles are becoming more common in men’s shoes but they don’t make sense any more than here. This classic silhouette is well-equipped to withstand the cold. The added chunkiness also opens up your wardrobe options, allowing you to experiment with looser fittings and heavier layering.

  • Pinstripes

Pinstripes were seen everywhere at the menswear shows, whether it was large-sized suits or wide-leg pants. This is a welcome return to one of the most popular patterns in tailoring. Pinstriped suits are a fine choice if business casual is too casual.

A classic choice is the single breasted, but you can also go 1980s-style and get a double-breasted jacket featuring peak lapels. It’s true, tailoring is now full circle.

  • Checks

Checks are always in fashion. For the colder months, Black Watch tartan and buffalo are the best choices. These patterns can be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe in many ways, but the easiest is to use an overshirt or a flannel shirt as the medium.

  • Plenty of pockets

It seems like a very long time ago that cargo pants were considered the pinnacle uncool. Pants with more pockets are less fashionable. This is a farce that was proven to be false this year.

The popularity of pockets is on the rise. Premium casualwear brands like Brunello Cucinelli or Barena have revived cargos and we are loving the extra storage. Multi-pocketted outerwear is also a trend from the most prominent names in the industry. Pockets are back and they will be here for good.

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