man in white black and brown plaid button up shirt

Men’s Shackets in the Latest Trends

man in white black and brown plaid button up shirt

With a men’s shacket within arm’s reach, it’s easy to bridge the gap between staying warm and cool. What happens if the weather is cold in the morning but warm in the afternoon. It doesn’t matter if the weather is confusing. This lightweight outerwear option can be worn in a variety of layers, regardless of the season.

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Are you confused by the word “shacket?” You’re not the only one. Men’s shackets can also be called overshirts and shirt jackets. This style is a combination of your favorite button-down shirt, and a jacket. The versatility of a shacket is unmatched. It can be worn as a light covering or layered in winter, and it can also be used in summer. Men’s shackets can be thought of as thicker versions for the classic button-down. Cover up when Mother Nature lowers the temperature with a shacket.

Are you ready to add shackets into your wardrobe? While you are searching the web for the perfect jacket, here are some things to keep in mind. The weather will dictate the style of shacket that you choose. An overshirt made with lightweight fabrics such as cotton or canvas is best for milder weather. To keep the cold out, you can find men’s shackets made with fleece or sherpa lined. Sherpa, a manufactured fabric that has the same texture as wool, is called a synthetic fabric. Your cold-weather outfit will be complete with a timeless, textured flannel or wool jacket. To maximize its versatility, look for a reversible jacket that can be worn in two styles.

A shacket is a casual-chic style that can be worn with jeans and tees. Flannel is a casual fabric that can be layered over solid T-shirts or hoodies. Overshirts made of structured-cotton have a polished, elevated look that is great for layering over a button down. Activewear can take you from the couch to the streets with ease. To give your men’s joggers sets a modern look, don’t forget the performance fleece shacket.

Expert tip on how to style a men’s shacket: Size up to get more wear out of your shacket. In colder weather, a looser fit will allow you to wear your jacket under a thicker jacket. Your shacket can be worn over a graphic tee, or short-sleeved button-down when the sun shines. A slightly larger overshirt will be comfortable all year.

Versatility is the middle name of a shacket. A shirt jacket will protect you from the elements, whether you’re heading to work or just walking down the street with your pet. Grab your men’s shackets, and you’ll be ready to rock this season’s most popular trends. These are some styling tips for men’s shackets.

  • Date Night

Are you looking for a way to dress a men’s shacket on date nights? Overshirts don’t have to be worn only during the day. Pair your overshirt with dark-wash jeans and a long-sleeve button down shirt to elevate it for happy hour or date night. Feeling extra adventurous? You can make a statement with new patterns and prints like micro-floral and subtle polka dots. Add a structured shacket to the top, and chukka boots to complete the look. We guarantee that your date will love this tailored look.

  • Casual Weekend Wear

After your surf session, sling a men’s shacket across your shoulders. Before you go, take off your wetsuit and wear a tank top and a tank underneath. Keep your shirt jacket handy as the summer turns to cool nights. You will be comfortable while you are grilling with a pair of crisp, clean casual sneakers.

Expert tip on how to style a men’s shacket: Layer your shacket with a button-down and short-sleeve hybrid shorts.

  • Comfortable Athleisure And Loungewear

Men’s loungewear is a great way to relax at home. Layer up with an overshirt to transform your lounge look. You can layer a shacket with a sweatshirt, sweatpants and your favorite sneakers. How to style men’s shackets in an athleisure look? To keep your athletic look cohesive, choose shirt jackets made from performance fabrics. No matter what your day brings, your shacket will be there to ensure a well-furnished look.

It doesn’t matter if your shirt jacket is being worn during the summer heat. You can experiment with new colors and prints now. Explore short-sleeve knits and button-downs in madras plaids, quirky-conversational prints, tie-dye effects and simple stripes. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the bright colors and bold patterns in the mirror? You can tone down the bright patterns by using a neutral-colored scarf. For a more lived-in look, summer 2022 men’s fashion trends will include sun-washed colours. Men’s shackets can be worn in muted shades of purple, orange, green, and green. This summer, shades of pink are the hottest colors. We challenge you to pair coral or soft salmon with classic neutrals such as off-white, navy or gray.

Expert tip on how to style a men’s shacket: Wear a neutral-colored olive jacket over a tee with a conversational print. Flip-flops are the perfect accessory to these sun-drenched, pink shorts. Your outfit will be more summery if you roll up your sleeves.

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