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Lovelife History of Meghan King

Meghan King is not shy about her love life, especially since she separated from Jim Edmonds on October 2019. After the couple’s divorce, the Real Housewives of Orange County star opened up about her failed marriages and why she left Brad McDill.

“I was too young.” King said that she didn’t know herself at all during her brief relationship with McDill in July 2019. “I wanted to be like the perfect marriage of my parents. I thought I would have the same love story as my parents. It would work because I have done everything like my parents.”

After meeting in 2012, the former reality star fell in love with Edmonds again. They had a five-year marriage that was publically romantic. The couple welcomed three children to their home: Aspen in 2016, and Hayes and Hart in 2018.

The news of their split was also notable after Edmonds accused King of having an affair before they split, something that the former center fielder refuted. However, the messy divorce didn’t stop “Intimate Knowledge”, podcast host, from looking for Mr. Right.

“I want a partner.” She stated that she just wanted a partner who supports her and isn’t jealous or trying suppress her feelings on her January 2020 podcast. “You know, someone who grows with me, instead of staying in one place. To me, that’s intimacy. I just need someone to hold my hand.”

In January 2021, King spoke about what it was like to get back into dating after a brief relationship with Christian Schauf in 2020. She joked about the men of St. Louis, her hometown and current residence. “The men aren’t as interesting overall, but there are definitely upsides. They are more honest with themselves and more family-oriented. There are pros and cons to both St. Louis and Los Angeles. I need to find the man who combines the St. Louis values and the L.A. outlook.”

King spoke four months later after completing her divorce from Edmonds. “Let’s face it, being in a hurry might not be the best decision.” She stated that she enjoys taking her time and doesn’t feel pressured to do any quote unquote by the book. “I feel very comfortable with who and where I am. I don’t need paperwork to tell me who my love is.”

Scroll down to see which King’s dated over the years.

  • Brad McDill

After meeting at the University of Mississippi, the former model got married to the lawyer in July 2007. Four years later, they called it quits and separated legally in October 2011.

  • Mystery Man

After getting divorced, King began dating again at age 26. According to the New York Post’s Page Six, King previously revealed that she had been in a relationship in 2012 with an unidentified man when she met Edmonds. “Jimmy was the other man I was seeing at the time. It was not romantic. She said that she was in a relationship with a man who was full-blown,” she shared in July 2019. In January 2013, the TV personality separated from her mysterious boyfriend and began to see the retired baseball player.

  • Jim Edmonds

In October 2014, the athlete wed King. Five years later, news confirmed Edmonds’ divorce. The former MLB player was accused of cheating. Their divorce was finalized May 2021.

  • Christian Scauf

In March 2020, the St. Louis native met Uncharted Supply Co. CEO via a dating app. This was after Edmonds’ divorce. Two months later, they became a couple. However, their turbulent relationship ended in November 2020.

  • Will Roos

The former Bravo personality announced in January 2021 that she was dating her longtime pal, calling him her “friend-turned-boyfriend” on social media. King did not speak publicly about the end of their relationship.

  • Cuffe Owens

In September 2021, King joined Owens on Instagram as an official. Owens is the nephew to President Joe Biden. “I am trying my best not to use cheesy words like “my main squeeze”… so let’s just meet my man.” She captioned the photo with the caption “My main squeeze” and a picture of them getting cozy.

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