Meet The World’s Longest Car: “The American Dream”

Americans love cars. The bigger the car, the better. This extreme car, officially the longest in the world, is American automotive excess at its best…

This 1976 Cadillac Eldorado, which is appropriately named “The American Dream”, measures 30.54m in length, weighs 11.340kgs, and has 24 wheels. It also features a boatload (a term that describes such a boat-shaped car) that would put Maybach to shame.

It can accommodate over 75 people and has a large waterbed. A swimming pool with a diving board. A jacuzzi, bathtub and full-sized fridge are all included. A mini-golf course, and even a helicopter pad are available. The helipad is structurally attached to the vehicle using steel brackets beneath and can support more than 2,000kgs.

Even more remarkable is the fact that the Trumpian limousine, which was the longest vehicle in the world at 36 meters in 1986, was abandoned for over 30 years before engineers revived it and extended it even further, beating its own record. Madness.

Guinness World Records says that while the car was popular in its prime, it lost its attention over time. Its fame was eventually wiped out by problems such as parking and demand for this unique car in movies.

Autoseum, a New York-based technical museum, and Dezerland Park, a Florida tourist attraction, teamed up to save the massive car. It took three years for the project to be completed, with shipping and labor costs exceeding US$250,000.

We know what you are thinking: Does it run? It does. It is powered by two V8s, one at each the front and one at its rear. It can also be driven from either end. The hinge at the middle allows for tight corners.

Although it’s not the best daily driver in the world, it’s certainly not the worst.

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