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Who is Mason Ray Parker: Troll or Star?

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Mason Ray Parker is a well-known Instagram user if you are a regular Instagram user who follows accounts that only post memes. This Instagram user is well-known for leaving the same comment on numerous meme videos. Simply saying “Who else high up af rn?”

Many users have petitioned to ban him from Instagram because of his frequent comments.

Who is Mason Ray Parker? What is his Instagram name and what other activities does he have, if any? Continue reading to learn more.

Mason Ray Parker Quick facts

Name: Mason Ray Parker
Age: 23
DoB: 29th of July 1999
American Nationality
Net Worth: $5 Million (estimated).
Instagram: @masonrayparker 1.5m Followers
YouTube Mason Ray Parker – 18.1k Subscribers

Who is Mason Ray Parker?

Mason Ray Parker, a social media superstar and ‘professional’ rapper hailing from Abilene Texas. Mason Ray Parker’s private life is not known, including his childhood and family.


We know very little about Mason Ray Parker except that he has uploaded a few rap songs to his YouTube account. His most recent official music video was for “Elementary,” and Mason’s latest song as an audio track is “Walking Proof,” which was published in December 2021.

Mason Ray Parker Instagram

People who use Instagram often should know Mason Ray Parker. You’ve probably seen Mason Ray Parker comment on almost every post that has the same line as @hotdogs if you follow meme accounts like @hotdogs.

Many Instagram users have called for the ban of his account due to his persistent comments. The petition at currently has just over 1000 signatures and states,

“Mason Ray Parker, an untalented rapper, constantly abuses his verified status for annoyance within the Instagram comments section.”

He continues to spam “who other high af arn” on many accounts, much to the annoyance and frustration of most Instagram users. We request that Instagram ban him from their service and revoke his verification status.

Reddit threads are also available, like the one, that discuss Mason Ray Parker’s spam remarks. Many people agree that Parker’s comments are irritating and should be reported. However, some comments refer to Parker’s brilliant tactics.

“Is this a marketing tactic?” He gained some traction by doing this. It got people to listen to his music and liking his comments. Strangely, some people started following him while others stopped following. I don’t know if this is true.

Mason Ray Parker Net Worth

CelebCritics estimates Mason Ray Parker’s net worth at $5 million. This is a result of his music releases and collaborations via Instagram.

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