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Male Body Positivity or How to Overcome Male Body Image Issues

grayscale photo of person jumping overlooking clouds

According to surveys, 20-40% of men suffer from body image issues. Some men, just like women, feel self-conscious about how they look. This could be due to their hair loss, weight, skin problems (acne blackheads or scarring), as well as any other physical imperfections.

It’s easy to believe that body image is a female issue when you hear the term “body image” used in media. It’s no secret that women have dealt with this problem for much longer. This means that there is more support for women, and less advice for men who are struggling with the same anxiety. We aim to change that balance by providing information about why men have issues with their body image and how they can overcome it.

There are many reasons why male body image issues can arise. There are some common causes for male body image problems. Men can have negative thoughts about themselves if they conform to societal beauty trends and standards. We all would love to be Cristiano Ronaldo in our tops, but it’s not realistic.

Men often struggle with negative body image issues such as toxic masculinity, overexercising, and feeling insecure. No matter the reason, men need to know that they can overcome their insecurity. It is important to understand what causes negative body images.

  • Bullies

Being bullied in childhood because of the appearance can lead to confidence problems in adulthood. Children are most vulnerable to bullying, and they are often the first targets of teasing.

Long shadows are cast by verbal and even physical insults. It doesn’t matter how many times it has happened, being teased about your body as a child can cause self-esteem problems later on in life.

  • Superhero Effect

Superheroes don’t have love handles. Or receding hairlines. Acne scars. No cape, alpha males are often depicted in movies as strong men with large muscles. This image of masculinity is ingrained in the collective consciousness, creating norms out of body types that are far from normal. This phenomenon is called the “superhero effect”. Some guys may feel the pressure to look like famous actors. This can lead to low self-esteem.

  • Social Media

The reality of our lives is often distorted by social media. With just a few clicks, we can all remove our imperfections using photo editing apps. We see a lot of unrealistic images and filtered lifestyles on our social media feeds. These feeds only serve to amplify our fears and insecurities.

Remember that people only post photos of their lives that they wish people to see. One psychologist put it this way: “me on the best day”. It can also affect your self-image. Consider a social media detox. This will help you clear your mind and practice body positivity.

  • Advertising

Billboards, magazines, and television ad breaks were all around before social media. Advertising standards have always presented unrealistic expectations of what a man should be. You don’t like the Diet Coke guy. We don’t like him either. Just like casting directors choose slim models with a certain look, companies often use walking six-packs to promote their products. People can feel pressured to emulate the models by seeing this a lot.

Slowly, things are changing. American Eagle, ASOS and Nike are realizing the importance of body positivity, and include models from all types in their campaigns.

Improve Your Negative Body Image

Although it might seem impossible to escape the pressures of society, there are still ways you can improve your self-image. Here are some tips for improving your body image.

  • Speak up about your vulnerability

You must first recognize what you want to improve in order to improve. You must be honest about your fears and insecurities. It can be scary to admit your vulnerability, but it is a necessary step toward improving your confidence. Talk to your partner or friend, or search for support groups online.

Don’t be afraid to share your emotions and don’t worry if you get upset. If you are feeling anxious or need to vent, it is possible to open up more than usual.

  • Focus on Your Health

There are many benefits to putting your health first, both mentally and physically. This includes improving your body image, among other things. Maintaining your health requires that you take the time to exercise and eat well.

You can improve your lifestyle if you are having difficulty keeping up an active lifestyle. Do not hesitate to buy new shoes for running, for gym or for hiking. To assess your current health, take a moment and evaluate where you can improve. It is easy to start focusing on your health by looking into local fitness clubs for beginners.

  • Talk about it

Talking to someone about your fears and insecurity is a great way of overcoming them, whether it’s with a friend, family member or counsellor. Therapy can seem intimidating, especially if there is a stigma around men who use it.

Research shows that over 6 million Americans are suffering from depression, while around one-in-eight Brits are experiencing mental health problems. Studies have shown that men are less likely than women to seek therapy. This could be because men feel that therapy isn’t masculine and is a sign that they are weak. Of course, this is false. It is important to understand that anyone can benefit from talking to a professional about their feelings.

  • Embrace Your Body

It is a powerful feeling to be able to accept your body as it is. Some people find it easy, while others may need to learn how to love themselves. These are some tips to help you embrace your body.

  1. Move your body in ways that make you feel good
  2. Fashion that flatters your body is a good investment
  3. Meditation can help you to be along with your body and learn to center yourself
  4. Learn self-love from books
  5. Look good in clothes that make you feel good
  6. Celebrate your body type by following people who are similar to you on social media

It is vital to embrace your body because it will help shape your overall health. The old saying that “when you feel good, you look good” is true. Positive changes will be seen in your mental and physical health if you are able to speak well of yourself.

  • Refute unrealistic media norms

Knowing that social media and blockbuster movies can have a negative impact on men’s body image is one thing. It’s another thing to do something about it. Refute the media’s unrealistic norms. Use your social media to spread awareness about the importance of having a positive body image. This means being yourself, and accepting your imperfections for who they are.

Both men and women have the right to feel confident about who they are. They should also be able to openly discuss their problems without being judged. You can help end the stigma by educating yourself about the importance of body positivity for males and how to overcome issues with body image.

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