woman in red jacket covering her face with her hand

Let your Eyes Do the Talking When You’re Wearing a Mask: Make-up Tips and Tricks

woman in red jacket covering her face with her hand

Face masks are the new norm, and they will be with us for a long time. However, this doesn’t mean that you should stop using makeup. You can wear heavy foundation and concealer when wearing a mask, but it can cause skin problems (hello maskne!). However, you can use makeup on areas that aren’t covered. Your eyes should do the talking.

Many eye makeup trends are making waves around the globe, and many MUAs are showing us how to look flawless even when you have a mask. If you want to make eye-catching art with your makeup brushes, it’s time for you to unleash your creativity. Looking for inspiration? We have your back!

We’ve compiled a list of 10 eye makeup looks, ranging in subtlety to full-on glamour, that will make your face stand out among the sea of other mask-covered faces.

P.S. Save your classic, winged eyeliner to use when you don’t have to wear a face mask.

Bold and Beautiful

Here’s an easy eye makeup trick that will work in a rush if you need it. You can instantly brighten your eyes with a bold eyeliner in bright colors like pink or blue and a few coats mascara. This eye makeup look is easy to put together and takes only 5 minutes. It will also give you the impression that you really did take a lot of time. This eye makeup look can be paired with your face mask or even for quick Zoom calls.

Gloss it Up

You don’t want to experiment with bold makeup, but you still want your eyes the center of attention. This is not a problem that we can’t solve. Glossy lids can do the trick. Glossy lids look great and will make your eyes shine without any effort. You will need to first apply a subtle winged liner and then coat your lids in a shimmery coloured gloss. After you are done, apply mascara to your lashes. Glam lids make a bold statement.

Duo Wings

You don’t need to make one wing using a black eyeliner. Why limit yourself? We know how to make your wing eyeliner look even better.

MyGlamm’s LIT Stick-On Wing Liner is all you need for a winning winged eyeliner. Stick-on wing liner stickers come in a variety of shimmery duo colors and are ink-free. It can be used over any boring black eyeliner to instantly upgrade it.

Bring out the Jewels

You can really go wild with your eye makeup if you want to stand out from the rest. This Euphoria-inspired look for eye makeup is beautiful and easy to replicate. This eye makeup look will not be noticed by anyone, trust us.

First, use a burgundy color on your crease. Next, bring it down to the lower lash line. Apply a matte coral shade to your crease and blend it well. After you are done, apply a matte coral shade and blend it well. For added definition, use a burgundy eyeshadow to make a winged liner. You can also jazz up your look with a few accessories or stick-ons under your eyebrows, on your inner corners, and below your wing.

Flip the Switch

This famous #TikTok challenge is well-known. Now it’s time for you to add this trend to your eye makeup. Flip the switch to add sparkle to your upper eyeline. Instead of adding it to the lower lashline, place it on your inner corners. You can finish this look by adding a similar color to your upper lashline.

Inner Corner Power

Since the start of quarantine, the inner corner eyeshadow trend has been very popular. This is the time to show off your eye makeup IRL, rather than only on video calls.

Bold, bright colors can be used in the inner corners of your eyes. Then you can apply mascara to your lashes. This will instantly give your eyes a pop of colour and make them glow.

The Future is Back

We are in awe of Ariana Grande’s eye makeup in “Rain On Me” with Lady GaGa. Since the stunning video was released, people have been talking about the bold, white graphic eyeliner.

This look can be recreated by drawing a cat-eye beginning at the crease and going all the way to the waterline. This out-of-this world look can be completed by pairing it up with a black winged eyeliner. Start at your upper lash line, and work your way down to the waterline. This makeup look doesn’t have to be all white. This trend can be done in any color and will look amazing.

Neon Smokey eyes

You can really impress people with your smokey eyes. Opt for neon shades instead of your usual black smokey eye.

Make sure you apply a foundation (a white eyeshadow will do) before you start. This will allow your eyeshadow to really stand out. If you want to really steal the show, opt for orange and yellow shadows. Brighter is better! This glamorous look can be completed with a little glitter and lots of mascara.

Unicorn Inspired

Everybody needs a little magic in their lives. The unicorn-inspired look for eye makeup can make even the dullest makeup looks more appealing! You only need to use blue and purple shimmery eyeshadows to blend it perfectly.

Blue Cat-Eye

Although the classic cat-eye look is timeless, why not update it? Face masks will be worn for an indefinite period of time so you need to create a bold, unique look that adds drama.

Apply a thick layer blue eyeliner to your cat eyes. Then, wing it out and add some glitter around the corners. You’ll have hypnotizing eyes that will grab everyone’s attention.

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