Consider This Skin-Care Ingredient If Botox is a possibility

We are skin-care gurus and we will continue to search for the most effective, efficient products that produce results. Sometimes we are successful and find a product that is so great it deserves a place in our skin-care routines. Other times we feel the need to add more products to our arsenal and consider cosmetic enhancements. Copper peptides are a great option if you feel at a crossroads in your anti-aging regimen. Experts say copper peptides have become the “it” ingredient in the skin-care industry. Their use has increased dramatically since researchers discovered their collagen-boosting capabilities.

To learn more about copper peptides, their benefits, and how to use them properly, we tapped two board-certified dermatologists. Continue scrolling to learn everything you need about this ingredient, commonly known as a “face lift in a bottle”.

What Are Copper Peptides in Skin Care?

They have been extensively studied to reduce the signs of aging. The results are so promising, that they have been compared with Botox’s youthful-inducing effects. Dr. Yadav explains that copper peptides are a tri-peptide compound made up of amino acid. They are one of the most scientifically-backed peptides for skin care. They stimulate collagen and elastin formation, as well as increasing cell turnover.

But what exactly sets copper peptides apart from other peptides in skin care?

Dr. Yadav says that their unique feature is that they are anti-inflammatory and play an important role in wound healing and skin growth. Dr. Yadav says that copper peptides have been shown to reduce skin inflammation, especially after medical or esthetic procedures that can cause skin irritation (think: chemical peels and microdermabrasions and laser treatments).

Benefits of Copper Peptides in Skin Care

They may increase antioxidant activity and protect skin from damage caused by free radicals, which can cause further signs of aging as well as cellular damage. This is particularly important for people who spend a lot time in the sun. While it does not replace SPF (please use it rain or shine), this can help to repair the damage caused by the elements.

Dr. Yadav explains that the amino acids found in copper peptides are naturally present in our bodies, but their levels decrease as we age, often leaving us with teeny tiny lines and an overall dull, lackluster complexion. She says that copper peptides are important in the rapid production of collagen and elastin fibers. These elements give the skin its flexibility, firmness and ability to smoothen out signs of aging. Dr. Cheung says that the most striking characteristic of copper-peptides is their ability to remove damaged collagen from the skin. This allows for the regeneration and repair of healthy tissue.

Who Should Use Copper Peptides?

Copper can also oxidize vitamin A so it is important to avoid using products that contain both. Dr. Yadav says that copper peptides can cause irritation when used in combination with chemical exfoliants or retinoids.

You’ll find copper peptides in virtually all types of skin-care products, including serums, eye creams, face masks, and even lip balms. They are not often listed as an individual ingredient but can be found on ingredient labels as GHK-Cu (copper lysinate), copper prolinate and copper gluconate. Dr. Cheung says they can also be listed as copper amino or copper tripeptide.

Dr. Cheung claims that the unique combination of copper peptides and CBD helps to instantly reduce inflammation.

Peptide-packed Dewy Toning Mist

Skin will look brighter, firmer, and more smooth thanks to the blue copper peptides, six other peptides, blue-green al extract, and Niacinamide.

Liquid Peptides

From the science-backed skin-care brand that’s now available in the U.S. comes this concentrated peptide serum that nixxes signs of aging. This multi-peptide complex (30 percent) (which also includes copper), will make your skin glow, tighten, and look younger, no matter if you are looking to reduce fine lines around your eyes or new wrinkles on the forehead.

“Buffet” + Copper Peptides 1%

The serum’s light formula can be used on all skin types, from oily to dry. It also comes at a low price of $30.

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