woman in red and white plaid scarf

Get started wearing lightweight fall staples right away

woman in red and white plaid scarf

Although September is a transition from summer to autumn, the seasonal temperature changes often occur behind this schedule, particularly if you live in warmer areas of the country. Although we are ready to make progress in our style choices in September, a thick knit will not work in September.

It’s important to choose clothes that feel and look fall-like but aren’t necessarily fall-like. You can wear loose-fitting pants, light knitwear, boxy cotton tops, and vests now, so you can keep them in rotation throughout the season. If one piece gives you more coverage, go for the other. Check out our selection of lightweight fall staples that you can buy and wear right now.

A Perfect Cardigan

Autumn is the season when you want to look cozy enough to beat the autumnal chills! The perfect piece to build an  outfit is none other than a cardigan. You can buy it in any collection if you don’t already have a cardigan. It seems like most people who want a cardigan would already have one, but maybe you were in a fire last May?

Classic Cords

A pair of corduroys has been a fall staple since the 1st of September when you’d go back to school and mom would take you to buy new clothes.

The Work Wear Jacket

If your whole closet is nothing but bathing suits and jorts for some inexplicable reason, then you NEED to try out the layer you’ll see on everyone come this fall. Actually it’s just a light jacket. Don’t tell us that you don’t have one at least the denim one or made of fleece. Go put on the leather jacket you bought just last year and think about your choices. No one’s buying the fire thing, we were all talking about it earlier.

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