three silver paint brushes on white textile

A glance on Lea Morichon’s art

three silver paint brushes on white textile

If you are looking for illustrations which are perfect for summer, have a look on Lea Morichon’s art. Léa is an illustrator from France. After a stint at Cartier, she rapidly flew to London where she worked for several years as a designer. It was when she returned to France that she began her career in the field of illustration. She does the traditional use of painting (oil painting and gouache) and combines it with digital tools to amaze by the power of images to evoke an imaginary world.

Travelling, sailing boats far from the shore and above all, love of the sun and the sea are her main inspiration sources.  It is to her passionate relationship with colour that we owe the emotion and warmth that radiate from her drawings.

The use of chromatic colors and bold shapes triggers my wanderlust and transports me to Léa’s destinations. What a wonderful feeling, even if it is imaginary. Check out her pieces of art online!

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