Gucci store facade

Not Even One Repeated Outfit in ‘House Of Gucci’ Movie. Bravo, Lady Gaga!

Gucci store facade

You’re in luck if you haven’t seen yet Lady Gaga’s mother monster (aka Lady Gaga) on the big screen. This is the singer’s first big screen appearance since her Oscar-nominated performance as Ally in A Star Is Born (2018). House of Gucci is a biographical crime movie from Ridley Scott, an English film director. Lady Gaga will be starring there.

Scott, who is known for his memorable films like Thelma and Louise and Blade Runner, will be exploring the infamous assassination by Maurizio Gucci’s grandson Guccio Gucci. Gaga will portray Patrizia Reggiani, while Adam Driver will play the role of Maurizio. According to The Hollywood Reporter the Scott film has been in development for more than a decade.

Lady Gaga gave fans a glimpse of the film’s fashion in March 2021. In this Instagram photo, Driver and Lady Gaga are dressed in full makeup and costume as the famous Italian couple. Gaga wore a black button up turtleneck and black belted pants, and accessorized with many gold and silver accessories. Driver’s cable knit turtleneck sweater in cream was Driver’s other highlight. He paired the cozy sweater with a half down ski jumper that was tied around his hips. Gucci’s iconic aviator glasses accompanied him. This outfit was very similar to Chris Evan’s cable-knit delight from Knives Out.

You’ll be tempted to cross your fingers for more behind-the scenes footage after seeing the preview of their co-stars. Here’s all you need to know about one the most anticipated films of the year.

House of Gucci released character posters on Instagram and shared a trailer for the movie. Each photo featuring Lady Gaga, Driver, Al Pacino and others gives more insight into each character’s style. It also provides a dramatic aesthetic that will be sure to accompany the movie. Further excitement is provided by the actors’ ambiguous expressions.

Based upon Sara Gay Forden’s novel The House of Gucci – A Sensational Story of Murder Madness, Glamour and Greed. House of Gucci will examine the murder of Maurizio Gucci and its aftermath. Here’s a brief fashion history overview about Reggiani’s and Gucci’s relationship: Reggiani married Gucci on December 12, 1972. They soon enjoyed their successes, including the birth of their daughters Alessandra & Allegra and the victory in a high-profile legal battle against other Gucci family members. Their relationship turned sour in the mid-80s, when Gucci claimed that he was on a business trip to Florence.

Reggiani was shocked to learn that he was leaving town to start a new life. Although the couple officially broke up in 1991, Reggiani’s husband sold Gucci to Bahraini-based Investcorp for $150 million to $200 millions. The murder of Gucci by a man in Milan’s office lobby happened on March 27, 1995. The murder investigation lasted for two years and Reggiani was sentenced to 26 years in prison in 1997. In 2014, Reggiani was released from prison and now lives in an exclusive neighborhood of Milan. The fashion socialite from Italy is now back living the life she loves.

Gaga plays Patrizia Reggiani, while Driver plays Maurizio Gucci. But, expect to see many other A-list celebrities involved in the film. Al Pacino, an Oscar-winning actor, will play Aldo Gucci. He is the eldest son Guccio Gucci. Jared Leto will also be joining the project to play Paolo Gucci (the son of Aldo). Jeremy Irons, an Academy Award winner actor who starred in HBO’s Watchmen has been cast as Rodolfo Guicci.

Photos of Driver and Gaga filming in Milan were made public in March. These photos show Gaga in peak retro fashion. The actress was wearing a plaid trench coat with a bright head scarf. Another photo showed her hair in a blowout style from the 1980s that allowed her to show off her large-sized, gold earrings.

Vintage clothing and fashion lovers will be interested in the House of Gucci’s vintage costuming. It appears that the film’s wardrobe will be entirely made up of vintage or close-replicas of designer pieces from late 20th century. Janty Yates, costume designer for the movie, had unlimited access Gucci’s archives during filming. This allowed her to capture historical details accurately. She also had to consider Lady Gaga’s unique style, so she was able to use all the pieces. The singer was also involved in designing the outfits. You can expect to see many unique and inspiring Gaga looks. She had 54 script days, and never repeated any look.

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