closeup photo of person wearing pair of black-and-gray pointed-toe stiletto shoes

Kitten Heels Are the Key to Better Sex. Stop, Really?

closeup photo of person wearing pair of black-and-gray pointed-toe stiletto shoes

High heels have been a mainstay of pop culture for over 400 years. They elevate conversations about femininity, performance, and the exclusionary elements of both. Heel footwear has been a central part of many of the important narratives that we cherish, from Cinderella’s glass shoes to Dorothy’s silver clickers and bloody shoes to Cardi B. No surprise that many of us still love the shoes that can burn our feet and blister our ankles in spite of the cozy renaissance that has been caused by the pandemic. One crew of scientists could make some noises about the possibility of kitten heels in our future, but it was not enough to ruffle feathers.

Fudan University in Shanghai asked 1,263 women to rate their heels. They wanted to know if they were under 1 inch or three inches. The researchers found that women with heels of two inches had better sex lives because the slight increase in height caused the pelvic muscles to contract when standing. Also, the chances of bladder leaks and urinary problems decreased. The kitten heels help people to have more orgasms, and improve their vaginal health.

People with a vagina must do the hard work of making climax possible. It loops again in our sartorial choices. Louis XVI is believed to be the inventor of kitten heels. He was a short king with medium-height heels. CR Fashion Book reports that the style was also popular in the 1950s. However, it was only used as a prep for young girls not yet ready for stilettos.

The most popular shoe choices today are retro sneakers, various styles of boots and Versace’s thick-heeled ego skimpers. Bottega Venata’s sandals are also a favorite. Some believe that mini heels should only be worn by those who have enough judgment and pen space to provide sanctuary. Trends are changing and baby heels are being praised for their modern style.

Lizzo was seen last month at Gucci Love Parade in a pair logo-laden, slingback pumps. Vogue considers baby heels great for walking down an aisle. Doja Cat modeled Valentino Garavani VLGO shoes in slingback for her Instagram followers. Yes, kitten heels are a trend but they may not be for everyone.

Hardcore fashion enthusiasts may be apprehensive about the idea of clicking-clacking with heels that are shorter than their acrylic nails. Fashion and health have not always been a girl’s thing. Some of the most popular trends have actually been disastrous. Doctors expressed concern about the breathability and growth of fungus in 2018’s most popular shoes. Mules are also criticized for not providing ankle support and the need to curl the toes to keep them on. The tide could turn as self-care moves into new territory with more people caring for their bodies. Fashion is not for everyone.

Columbia Surgery estimates that nearly 25% of women suffer from a pelvic floor disorder. Among the most common causes are childbirth, heavy lifting, and genes. Mini heels may be the solution for those with pelvic floor problems, such as a vaginocele (a hernia which projects into the ovarian), or other issues. It seems like climbing the stairs to heaven is easier than ever.

No matter what side you are on, expect to see slightly elevated heels as people attempt to pour into themselves and get the orgasms that they deserve. Will you wear the shoe if it fits?

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