woman in black panty and blue button up shirt

Meet the Sustainable Cotton Underwear that is 100% Compostable

woman in black panty and blue button up shirt

Our coverage of the forces down below is very important to us. We’re thorough when it comes down to the details of the vag. As Earth Month draws to a close we thought it would be a good time to spotlight Kent, one of our favourite destinations for sustainable underwear. This brand is worthy of being highlighted for producing luxurious, fully-compostable underwear.

Natural fiber undergarments have many advantages, including breathability, airflow, and anti-bacterial properties. Few panties can say that they will become one with the earth in less than 90 days. According to the brand’s website Stacy Grace, the founder of the brand, created undies that can not only be recycled but also can return to nature after being worn. Commercial composting is the best option for these undies, as well as any clothing made of 100% natural materials such cotton or wool. You can send your worn-out, clean underwear to Kent if your city does not have a drop off program or accepts only food scraps.

Kent’s simple, everyday-wearable basic styles, such as the thong, hipster, and brief, are great for casual wear. The underwear is also made from Supima cotton, which is soft and luxurious. Wearers are also satisfied with the fit: One reviewer said that they felt no ride up or slide down while wearing the skivvies.
model wearing black high waist underwear

Kent’s colorways are limited edition and often come in small batches. You can also find the entire collection in a range of sizes, ranging from XS through 3XL. Kent’s sustainable underwear is something you should be interested in. Read on to find out more about the different cuts and sets of underwear available for purchase now.

  • Organic Cotton Bikini $18

The organic cotton bikini is a great choice if you want a classic style that can be worn every day with a touch of cheekiness. This is a popular choice with customers and has helped many Kent converts. One reviewer said, “It’s hard to explain how a bikini is so flattering. But they look so good from all angles and give your butt an extra boost in the right direction.”

  • Organic Cotton Hipster $18.00

Although the hipster is more full-coverage, it does not have a high waist. This makes it perfect for pairing with low-rise clothes. A reviewer particularly loves the elastic’s “perfect amount of stretch without digging into at all.” A quality hipster is one who can provide all-day comfort and ease without any restriction.

  • Organic Cotton High-waist Shorts $18.00

The most popular pair of Kent’s shorts is the high-waist one. This pair of underwears is modest but very stylish. Customers have many things to say about it. One reviewer said that they were “among the first underwear I wear right off the drying rack on laundry day.” The same reviewer explained that they have worn them “so many times” but after a hand wash and drying they are as good as new.

  • Organic Cotton Thong, $18

The organic cotton thong is an excellent choice for those who believe less is more. One reviewer said that the Kent thong has a flattering design and stays in place. It is also high quality. Expert design and eco-friendly? This sounds like a win-win situation to us.

  • The Trio 3 Organic Cotton Underwear $48.00

Kent’s three-pack includes three designs in one. Bundles offer discounts and customers have the option to choose from a variety of styles or just one silhouette. If you are obsessed with one style, it’s worth considering the latter.

  • The Work Week: 5 Organic Cotton Underwear $75.00

This undie five-pack can help you get through your mornings if you work from 9-5 on Monday to Friday. You can match the pair with whatever clothing you choose to wear.

  • The Whole Week 7 Organic Cotton Bottomwear $98.00

A seven-day supply of underwear is a great option if you don’t want the hassle of planning when you will wash your intimates. Kent makes it easy to forget about your laundry pile and takes out the guesswork from your underwear drawer.

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