white brown and black abstract painting

Jeremy Scott and Lovesac collaborate for a limited release

white brown and black abstract painting

Jeremy Scott, an eclectic fashion designer, has lent his design skills to Lovesac Company’s home furnishing brand. Scott, a fashion designer and eclecticist, is best known for his Sacs, which are the most comfortable seats in the world. This collection of LoveSac covers combines Scott’s iconic design aesthetic with traditional Missouri traditions.

Scott grew up on a farm and loved making hand-sewn quilts from scraps of fabric. Scott’s own story inspired the patchwork designs in this limited edition. Jeremy Scott stated that each patchwork design contains stories, emotions, memories, and other personal experiences. This design pays tribute to quilted designs from the past and shows how pieces can be reused to create something useful, beautiful, and bring warmth, comfort and style to living spaces across America. He has taken fragments of pop culture and transformed them into eight unique Lovesac covers. No two covers are the same.

Each cover of MovieSac is unique and priced at $1,000 USD. They can be ordered online at Lovesac.

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