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Santa Fe is calling!

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Welcome to the article which explores the best beauty treatments, wellness experiences, and places to visit through the eyes of cultural insiders. This week we are taken to some favorite places in the Land of Enchantment.

While to some the desert may be a site of scarcity, to Shani Van Breukelen and Porter Yates, the founders of Ayond, it’s a place that is full of abundance. Shani was burned in a kitchen fire, and spent a month in ICU. She realized how hard it was to find effective lotions and balms that soothe stressed skin. The couple, who split their time between Brooklyn & Santa Fe, turned to the natural resources available for healing. The duo soon created Ayond, a brand that uses organic oils and desert botanicals sustainably sourced to heal and repair the skin’s barrier.

Ahead, Shani and Porter take us on a trip through the desert of Sante Fe, stopping at all their favorite wellness and beauty spots along the way. “Being a business owner and being able to carry so many hats can lead to stress. We like to take some time in the morning to do our routines before we get into our day. Porter often wakes up earlier than me, and I get up earlier than him, so this is a great time that flows well. My morning routine includes moving my body, taking care of my skin, and enjoying coffee outdoors, even if it isn’t the best weather.” –Shani Van Beukelen

Hiking at Atalaya Peak

“When we’re in Santa Fe, it’s easy to feel grounded, life is a bit slower here, and having the outdoors so easily accessible helps me to feel recharged and relaxed. You can hike, ride horses, go on short trips or just walk around the town. You should always be ready for a downpour in New Mexico’s summer months, no matter where you are. The Monsoon season runs from July to September, and it’s a wonderful time. The air is magnetic and turbulent. It’s amazing how you can be completely soaked in water one minute and then baked in the sun the next. The land emits a lovely ozonic smell after rain. It’s incredibly soothing and refreshing. This was the inspiration for our product. It’s meant to capture that aroma and provide intensely nourishing hydration.” –SVB

A Stroll Down Canyon Road

“Although the city is dry and hot, you can still find little oasis in the middle of the city like Casa Sena’s courtyard. In Downtown Santa Fe, we find Butterfly Bush in bloom. We use its extract to protect ourselves from the damaging effects of blue light.” –Porter Yates

Spa Day at Ten Thousand Waves

“It is high up in the mountains, just outside Santa Fe National Forest. The amazing views of the forest make it feel totally relaxed. A massage or facial is a great way to reset your body after a hard day of hiking or if you are stressed from a long workout.” –SVB

Visit the Santa Fe Art Museum

“The Santa Fe Art Institute was designed by Ricardo Legorreta, a Mexican architect. It is a source of inspiration. It is a symbol of modern, serene elegance. I enjoy walking around and taking photos. It is fascinating to see the patina of once vibrant, yet earthen colors. This is the kind of color change that I love to document and capture for my creative work. It is something very special that only time and nature can provide.” –PY

Spend the Night at Bishop’s Lodge Resort

“It’s a resort just outside Santa Fe that has beautiful grounds. The restaurant at night is also very peaceful”. –SVB

Dinner at The Compound Chile is addictive

“We always feel a little high after eating spicy food. The Compound is a great place to spend special moments with friends and family. Alexander Girard designed the interior, which has many mid-century modern elements and Santa Fe’s traditional style. It has a very peaceful atmosphere. It’s also a favorite place to enjoy a Silver Coin Margarita.” –SVB

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