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It’s all about mewing, the non-surgical technique that transforms your facial features

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Mewing is a non-surgical technique that can transform your face.

Tongle posture correction exercises are a simple way to improve your jawline and reduce double chin. Mewing is a promising technique that is not new but which social media are bringing back in their quest for a perfectly balanced and structured face.

Social media is exploding with cosmetic and surgical procedures, with all the associated risks. Users also love natural ways to transform their face and bodies without going under the knife. It is now a popular orthodontic technique.

The term “mewing” is not used to refer to the sounds made by felines. This technique’s name refers to John Mew, a British orthodontist, who is believed to have created this tongue posture training method before Mike Mew made it popular on his YouTube channel Orthotropics. The video-hosting platform allowed clips to multiply at lightning speed, creating a real craze around this method that was not originally intended to be used as an anti-aging technique.

From malocclusion to reshaping your face

John Mew was born in 1928 and studied malocclusion for years. He concluded that misaligned teeth are more a result of lifestyle changes than genetics. Our preference for soft and cooked foods is what causes a less sculpted, more toned jaw. This changes the shape of our faces and leads to many complaints. Incorrect tongue posture is a likely cause. In response to this phenomenon, the orthodontist developed a technique to improve chewing and swallowing function to strengthen the jaw and realign main areas of the facial structure.

However, TikTok users have brought this technique back to the forefront of their aesthetics. Now it’s all about getting a strong, chiseled jaw, getting rid o double chins, and reshaping your face so that it looks more balanced. Many people believe mewing is a miraculous anti-aging solution. We are still investigating this question. However, it is evident that TikTokers’ before/after photos show real results within a matter of months.

There is no need to make any cosmetic adjustments. Simply, mewing is a way to practice tongue posture training exercises. More specifically, you need to position your tongue against your roof, but not touching your front teeth. If possible, keep your mouth shut. Make sure to breathe through your nose. To make this position automatic, it is best to do this exercise while you eat or drink water. You’ll be able to see that your jaw has to work. However, it may take several months to see the first results.

This technique has been a viral hit on social media networks, with more than 300 million views on TikTok in China. The #mewingtutorial version already has over 16 million views. This shows that the technique is gaining popularity around the globe. It remains to see if it is actually effective.

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