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It’s all about Botanical-Infused drinks right now

“It seems that there is no delicate wildflower or tree in the world that hasn’t been harvested, brewed and bottled.” Amy Stewart

clear glass bottle with water

The thing about beverage trends is that they have a curious tendency to mirror the current zeitgeist. All signs point to a clear cultural moment when it comes botanical-infused beverages: wellness and its relationship to the natural environment.

Botanicals and beverages have been in close contact for centuries, but over the past year, an increasing amount of brands have marketed this relationship to those seeking a more mindful drinking experience. Here’s a look at what botanicals are and how they can be used in beverages. And, of course, all the ways you can infuse your bar cart to feel closer to nature.

“Botanicals are the building blocks of all our beverages, from vodka’s marigold petals to hard seltzer’s hibiscus,” say experts.
Each drink is different, so the process of selecting and sourcing botanicals can be very varied. McLachland says that the California bay leaf and rosemary in Amass’s dry Gin are hand-picked in my Los Angeles backyard. Other ingredients, such as clove in Sri Lanka, India, and lime leaf in Thailand are also selected directly from the source.

Rooted in History

Since ancient times, people have used botanicals to cure ailments. Although a botanical-infused drink should not be considered medical advice, it is a good idea to consider the benefits of something such as a digestif. It’s meant to soothe a stomach after a large meal.

Medicinal properties aside, classic beverages that are rooted in history, like absinthe and chartreuse, are intrinsically linked to botanicals. They are so closely linked to botanicals that they can only be separated.

How Infusion Works

Our aperitifs are made by steeping our fruits, herbs and botanicals in a mixture of fermented grape brandy, grape brandy, and some raw cane sugar. There is nothing else to it.
Hambrecht says: “We created our own extraction process, which allows us to extract beautiful flavor from every ingredient. Gray Whale Gin, California, uses botanicals that are either sustainably sourced or wild-foraged. “

The distillation process involves a single-shot London dry method, in which we start with a six-times distilled corn base distillate that is gluten-free and GMO-free. The final distillation is then done. The fresh botanicals are placed in a vapor extraction container, while the dried botanicals go directly into the solution. It is a refreshing, balanced and delicious gin.

The Power of Plants

Gin is the world’s garden basket. Mokhtari states that there are many varieties of Gin, so you can’t get enough. Each one tells the story of where it came from. Gray Whale Gin’s six botanicals are all derived from the California gray whale’s migratory route. While there has been an influx of small-batch brands focused on botanicals, mass companies such as Ketel One have also noticed and responded to the growing migration toward wellness. Kupfer states that there has been a shift in drink behavior over the past few years. “Consumers are moving towards conscientious living.” The Botanical portfolio at Ketel One offers three varieties that are 30% ABV and are distilled with real botanicals.

Complementing Non-alcoholic Drinks

Masarin states that the botanical benefits are most evident when there is no alcohol or added sugar. Ghia relies on the potency of botanical extracts to give it that adult beverage taste. Lemon balm is a nervine that has the natural ability to soothe, stimulate and infuse.

What to Order at the Bar

Volfson says, “I seek botanical pleasure in vermouths and amaros.” If you’re in the area and have time to visit Damian, Volfson will be serving a smoked highball infused with lapsang Souchong Tea and garnished by fresh eucalyptus. We make Yuzu Raspado with a bouquet full of herbs at Cosme. Both have cooling properties that make them great summertime options. Volfson uses natural sweeteners such as honey and maple syrup in her beverage programs. She explains that sweeteners can be used to carry certain flavours and energies of alcohol and botanicals. This is similar to the concept of fats such as oil, butter, vinegar and water. It doesn’t mean one is better than another, it all depends on what properties you want through infusion.

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